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The Pluses Of Buying A Solar Powered Home

October 6, 2015

Energy costs are on the rise, making ownership of your own home even more of a task than before. Likewise, the number of electronic gadgets within the home is also steadily increasing, requiring plenty of electricity to keep the household running. In the search for cheaper ways of powering the house, many have started looking into solar powered homes as a cheaper, greener and more modern solution to this problem. And to be sure, there are many advantages to buying a home that is solar powered.

Cheaper Utility Costs

Perhaps the first advantage that will come to mind is that having solar panels on your home will immediately reduce your home’s utility bills. After all, you’re no longer having to run as much electricity off the mains anymore, and in very good cases may even allow you to run completely independent from the grid entirely. Certain solar power arrangements also allow you to heat water through solar energy as well, which allows you greater freedom from the local gas companies. Through this way alone, a set of solar panel can soon start to pay for themselves

In the long run, you can expect a good set of solar panels on your home’s roof to pay themselves off within the span of ten to fifteen years. If you intend to remain within your home for a while, therefore, they make a fantastic long-term investment.

Greater Home Value

For those who would potentially like to sell or rent out their homes as well, then adding solar panels can greatly increase the overall value of your property as well. Not only can you expect as much as a 6% increase on your home’s value, but buyers are increasingly eager to buy solar powered homes. As noted above, they’re cheaper to heat and power and many will get a feel-good factor from knowing their homes use green energy.

Easy to Maintain

Not so immediately apparent to those who invest in solar powered homes is also the following advantage: solar panels are actually remarkably long lasting with few to no errors. Many people would assume that, because panels are such “high-tech” pieces of equipment, they frequently break down and requires expensive maintenance costs. However, the truth is actually more surprising.

While they are indeed fairly sophisticated pieces of technology, solar panels are actually very easy to maintain. This is largely behind the simplicity of their design. They have no moving parts, so nothing can get jammed or requires lubrication. Likewise, there are no tubes or pipes to get clogged up and require cleaning. Maintaining a solar panel is actually as easy as keeping them clean from dirt and debris and ensuring that the wiring is in good order. Many solar cell manufacturers also give fairly generous warranties on all their units.

It’s Eco-Friendly

As we become more aware of the impact our lives have on the world around us, people are making greater efforts to live in such a way that causes as little disruption to the environment as possible. Whether it’s something as simple as switching off lights in rooms not being used to something as grandiose as buying an electric car, each family helps in their own way.

Solar powered homes produce a much lower carbon footprint that homes powered conventionally, so families looking for greener solutions to energy. There are no ecological disadvantages to solar energy. It does not require you to dig for fuel, does not produce fumes, and solar panels can be easily assembled from recycled materials. It’s an excellent domestic means to making a greener future.

The Fuel of the Future

It’s no real secret that fossil fuels won’t last forever. While the question of when they’ll run out is a hotly debated topic, the fact remains they’ll steadily grow faster. In the event that oil and gas run out sooner than anticipated, or else simply grows more prohibitively expensive as demand overtakes supply, alternative fuels will be increasingly necessary.

Even if this scenario doesn’t happen within your lifetime, the price of oil is highly unreliable and can fluctuate wildly depending on where it’s coming from and how difficult it is to transport. Investing in solar power now prepares you for what the future may bring. If you’re looking to renovating to a solar powered home, it is recommended that you seek an expert’s advice, such as, the ones at Bob Heinmiller Solar.

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