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The Scrum Team – A Basic Overview

By annap
June 23, 2016

Scrum has a specific set of rules in order for it to work, including the way the team is structured. Here we look at a very basic and simplified overview of Scrum team structure.

Within Scrum, there is naturally a Scrum team. Within the team there is a product owner, a development team and then the all important Scrum Master. In this type of project management, a Scrum Master is the project manager who will have usually attended a number of project management courses to work within a Scrum project management framework.

A Scrum team works within itself, organising itself and only looking within itself for direction. The team is wholly self sufficient because the team model has been designed to provide everything the project needs.

Within Scrum the team contains The Product Owner, The Development Team and The Scrum Master.

The Product Owner

The Product Owner is in charge of making the product reach its maximum value and ensuring the work of The Development Team is of maximum value. The way this is achieved varies depending on the team. A product Owner also has to manage the Product Backlog which involves various tasks including ensuring The Development Team is fulfilling all necessary tasks. The Product Owner however takes all responsibility for the outcome and is always one person, not a few people.

The Development Team

The Development Team contains several people who work to create a reasonably complete portion of the product by the end of each Sprint. Only The Development Team are allowed to create this increment and the team itself has been designed and authorised to manage what they do themselves. The team itself is recognised as one entity and there are no recognised sub-teams or titles within this entity.

The Scrum Master

The Scrum Master is responsible for the project, but not in the same way a traditional project manager is. The Scrum Master holds the responsibility for making sure Scrum is completed and understood by the team. A Scrum Master has to make sure everyone in the project is working to Scrum rules, theory and processes. A Scrum Master is there to serve the Development Team and Product Owner. They also serve their organisation helping the company understand Scrum and all of its benefits.

If you are interested in Scrum and operating as part of a Scrum team, there are specific project management courses you can do to help you grasp the concepts and theories of this way of working and which will help you develop the right project management skills. There are many organisations who will wholly embrace Scrum and use the method for all of their projects. It is intense and it is very strict in how it works. Some people will take parts of Scrum and use those methods for projects, although many believe you need the entire process in order for the theories to be successful. Whichever project management methodology you choose to pursue, it is always a great idea to invest in project management training courses in an increasingly competitive industry.

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