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The Uses For Sonography

October 12, 2015

Also called medical ultrasound, ultrasonography, or diagnostic sonography, this tool is a type of imaging that applies ultrasound to soft tissue. The ultrasound then creates an image of the inside of a body. This technique is probably best known for producing images of developing fetuses in pregnant women, but it’s also used to diagnose illnesses or damage in muscles, blood vessels, joints, tendons, and internal organs. When used on a pregnant woman, it is generally called obstetric ultrasound.

How It Works

Ultrasound is a designation of sound waves which are above the audible range for humans. Humans cannot hear these sound waves but they are useful because they bounce off of soft tissue as well as hard tissue such as bones. The sound echoes off the tissue, but various tissues refract different sound waves, so a properly trained operator can decipher the depth and hardness of substances. The echoing sounds are then recorded as an image, which is interpreted by the operator.

The Operator

The operator is the person who administers the sound waves that produce the image; he or she is also the one who interprets the images. If you have ever seen ultrasounds, it can be quite difficult to determine what exactly the sound waves are trying to show you. That’s why ultrasound operators are trained in determining what they are looking at. Training in sonography offers you the skills to interpret the sound images and inform patients of what is going on inside of them. If you want to become an ultrasound technician, you can attain your sonography degree online.


If you are already working in the medical field, then you know how important it is to develop skills to help you advance. You know how competitive the medical field is and that they are always looking for skilled employees to take on more tasks. More tasks mean more responsibilities, which means you will make more money. Making more money is pretty much always the goal of a job. However, if you have not gotten into the medical field but are looking to change job fields, you should look into sonography. Becoming an ultrasound operator offers you the opportunity to inspect patients in a non-invasive manner by administering ultrasound.

It’s a good way for you to expand your horizons and make yourself more available for new jobs. If you are already in the field or looking to change your field, you should know that there is such a field around. Medical professions are great career options because they are always looking for skilled workers to operate their machines and deal with patients. As long as kids are breaking bones and women are getting pregnant, sonography technicians will be in high demand. The money will follow any field that’s in high demand.

Many people think that going back to school will be too difficult, because they work full-time or have families and cannot take the time off. However, this is not the case with online schooling. You can attend classes from your living room, only logging on when it’s convenient for you.

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