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Things I’ve Learned Moving Out Of My Parents’ House

January 13, 2016

It is often the case with people that right after they finish college, they go back to their parents’ house and live there indefinitely, or at least until they find a stable job and so on. I think this is officially a syndrome of the millennials, but it will probably stay for the next generation as well. There is something about our new way of life, which just doesn’t allow us to NOT go back our parents. You know, like actually the hiring process is so difficult, with college degree meaning next to nothing if you have no experience or connections. Or you have to start an internship which will just put even more strain on your parents, because you won’t be getting paid and so on.

Well, pretty much the exact same thing happened to me. Right after college I had to go back to living with my parents and I had to deal with it. However, I managed to score a decent job soon after, that paid enough for me to afford my own place and be comfortable able it. I won’t go into details, as this isn’t such a story. However, it is a story about moving out and what it required.

So since my job was in Chicago, I had to look for a place in the city. Up until then my family and I were living in the suburban area of Chicago, I grew up liking it and honestly, I was kind of shocked when I started looking for a place in the city. I knew that a big city takes a toll on you or at least you have to adjust to it, but it definitely was a bit overwhelming.

The first thing I’ve learned is to at least pick a handful of options on the internet. My parents were encouraging me to just go around with an agent, looking at different places they have to offer. But I can assure you – you don’t need an agent to take you around places. Looking online for a nice place and then visiting it to check it out – this is the right thing to do, I believe. Whatever the agent offered me, wasn’t a good deal at all and it was borderline offensive if you ask me. Like if they thought I was dumb enough to fall for it.

Despite my misadventures with the agent, I found a nice place online, then checked it out and it met my expectations. I think deciding on the place, once I’d liked it, was the easiest thing. I think it was just that I didn’t have super high standards, but just wanted a nice apartment, which to suit my needs – like being close enough to my workplace and not being super expensive, or a flat out wreck. I wasn’t looking for fancy looks, views and that sort of things.

The second thing I’ve learned is that you need to find a proper moving company. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have a lot of things to be moved to my new place, but my parents decided to give me some “housewarming gifts” (like some appliances and such) and with my other stuff a small truck was still needed and since no friends could help me move, I had to find a company for a quick local move. Everything turned out smooth, no surprises and artificial fees and such.

The third and probably most crucial thing I’ve learned is to plan in advance if you are going to live with a roommate or not. I didn’t and it so happened that the place which I chose actually was a tad bit expensive for me, just because I thought I would easily find a roommate if I need one. This happened because I thought my job paid enough to allow me to live by myself, although the place had 2 bedrooms. And on the basic level it did, but when fees and utilities piled up, at one point it turned out to be a little (or considerably) too much. Some may wonder how I scored a place with 2 bedrooms in the city and even had the thought I could afford it by myself. Well, it was by no means a big place. Actually besides the 2 not that big bedrooms, there was just a kitchen, so you get the idea. I actually think that one of the bedrooms wasn’t even designed to be a bedroom. Anyway, after that it took some time to find a roommate, with whom to share the rent and utilities.

So here you go, the top 3 things I’ve learned moving out of my parents’ house. I believe these lessons will stick with me for some time, although I doubt I will ever be looking for a place with such low demands, because with my girlfriend I can’t really “just pick” a place, can I?

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