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Things To Keep In Mind When Planning A Trip To Kabul

May 30, 2016

Afghanistan has been the centre of several powerful empires that give it the rich and beautiful history to show and be proud of. One of the growing tourist destinations in Afghanistan has become its new capital city, Kabul. Its marvellous architecture, unforgettable cuisine, hospitable people and some of the best accommodation places in Kabul, make it a must visit city on your travel list.

Like most cities in foreign countries, there are a few things to consider while making your plans for the city, things like the kind of wardrobe to pack or booking hotels near the Kabul International Airport for your convenience.

1. Climate – Kabul’s climate can be little hard to adjust especially if you are new to such a weather situation and you are unprepared. Summers can be very dry and hot, while winters can reach the other extreme of being freezing with snowfall. Therefore, zero down your travel dates, check the weather forecast for that entire duration and pack accordingly.

2. Accommodation – Finding an affordable, safe, hospitable and luxurious hotel can be very difficult when you do not know much about the hospitality conditions of a foreign city. Try to book rooms in hotels like The Darya Village Hotel and Business park, which can suit your travel plans whether they are cosy family trips or business trips. Hotels near the Kabul International Airport, for e.g., Darya Village promises security, mouth-watering cuisine and have recreational facilities are your best bet.

3. Documentation – Visitors from most countries require a visa and other relevant documents that they need to carry around with them at all times. Visit the official website of the Afghanistan Foreign Ministry and check and re-check all the required steps you need to follow. Though it may seem meticulous, it is easier than you might think.

4. Health – Medical facilities though present, may not be satisfactory in some cases, therefore prevention is better than cure. Make sure you and all your travel companions are up-to-date on all vaccinations and carry medicines for potential risks such as an upset stomach, fever and so on. Make sure you eat at very hygienic places and drink safe water. Avoid milk products and eating street foods, especially if you are known to be too sensitive I the past. Also, note that the whole of Afghanistan can get windy and dusty, which means carry required medicines and protective gear if you are even slightly allergic and reactant to dust.

5. Money – Though credit cards may seem like a good option to bank on, remember that credit cards are not accepted in most of the places in Afghanistan. Carry sufficient funds in Afghani currency based on what all you plan to do, but carry them super safely in your luggage. Make note of the current exchange rate and use the local money changers to exchange what foreign currency you may carrying, though you may get a slightly lower rate which isn’t unusual.

Kabul is a city where safety and following their cultural norms needs to be a concern for any foreign traveller, but with enough basic ground work you can make this trip to Kabul a memorable one. Pack light, eat healthy, pick a hotel after checking for current hotel prices in Kabul and make sure to make the most of your trip.

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