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Things We Should Know Before Washing Our Car

June 25, 2015

After obtaining proper car wash tools, we should know some details about car washing procedures. There are things we need to consider, as an example, we need to choose the right location. As an example, shade is essential. Washing directly under direct sunlight will make suds dry much faster than when we wash it in the shade. It is important to make sure that the car stays wet all the time. Dried soap will spot our final results. Overall, we can get cleaner and better rinse by making sure that the car surface is cooler. Before washing our car, we should pre-rinse the surface to remove larger contaminants, such as dried mud. We could cause some damage on the surface if we rub a dirty surface. During the pre-rinse process, tires, wheels and wheel wells should be cleaned the last.

The lower parts of the car are the dirtiest, so we should clean them the last. It is also a bad idea to rub the upper portions of our car with cloth that’s been covered with mud from the wheel wells. When cleaning the wheel, water and car wash soap will do the job and we don’t actually need additional products. Many wheel cleaner sprays are acidic and hard in nature. It is intended to remove much of the mud from the wheel, but could also cause damage the surface of our wheel. We don’t have to add too much soap to the water. Excess soap could tarnish the appearance of our car and it won’t make our car cleaner. More suds don’t equal to more protection. We should use good quality soap, because suds are intended to encapsulate smaller grit and dirt; which can be removed when we rinse the surface.

With good suds, these contaminants actually ride on top of the car surface. We can unstick these contaminants safely from the car surface and removing them will only take slight amount of pressure. It isn’t necessary to scrub the surface like crazy. We may use a clay bar if we need some additional help to remove more stubborn contaminants. When washing our car, we should make sure that all surfaces are covered to make sure that we already get the job done. There are different methods to start the car wash process, many would start from the top, but others could prefer to start from the bottom. The upper part of the car is the least dirty; the soapy water will run down the surface the car and make the lower portion part of our car wet. It is actually acceptable to wash the lower parts of the car, but we should use different cleaning cloth.

After removing all the dirt from the lower part of our car, we can clean the upper portion thoroughly. The next step is to clean the lower part again to remove excess water and remaining dirt. We may need to rinse the car repeatedly until stains disappear completely.

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