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Three Wedding Costs That Are Worth Spending Money On

July 25, 2019

Pinterest is all about the cutesy and affordable DIY wedding, complete with the mason jar centerpieces and the oh-so-perfect customized aisle runner. That’s all well and good, but don’t fall under the Pinterest spell as you scroll through the wedding section. Sure, there are plenty of lovely and affordable things that you can do yourself for your wedding, but if you get in over your head you might end up costing yourself even more money. It doesn’t take a financial specialist like Don Gayhardt to know what to do yourself and what is worth spending money on for your wedding.

1. Your Dress

Every bride wants to have that one-of-a-kind gown on her wedding day, but the truth is that there is so much to be done leading up to it that you will find yourself scrambling for time. The sentiment is amazing, but save yourself the nightmare of waking up the morning before your wedding day and realizing your dress is unfinished. There are other affordable ways to have a lovely, sentimental wedding dress:

  • Shop secondhand stores, from the local Goodwill to that quirky antique shop in town. You’ll be surprised at what you can find for a very little cost, and most dry cleaners charge a very reasonable fee for cleaning wedding dresses.
  • Buy a cheap, simple white dress that fits you well and customize it. Add a colorful sash or take it to a seamstress and have flowers embroidered on it. Think of it as a blank slate waiting for art!
  • If you want to include sentimental touches like including your mother’s dress into yours, you can do that in much more simplistic ways. Mama knows you love her!

2. Photography

One thing you should never skimp on is photography. The flowers will wilt, the cake will get eaten and the “Just Married” window paint will wash away. Your pictures are what will really stand the test of time, so it’s worth spending good money on great pictures. You might love your indie friend’s Instagram shots, but be wary of trusting them to be in charge of your entire wedding. Understand that shooting a wedding is more than pointing and clicking a camera; there is technical skill and knowledge of angling and equipment involved. Those swoon-worthy wedding photos you see online aren’t by accident, a skilled photographer was able to catch those moments!

3. Catering

Sure, your mom might make the best chicken fettuccine this side of the coast, but do you really want her to be in charge of feeding dozens and dozens of people on the day you get married? Seriously, don’t cater your own wedding. Allow yourself to admit that it’s worth spending money to leave the stress and hassle of feeding a crowd to a professional. Plus, caterers know the market. They know what kind of foods are trending at weddings, what goes over well with a large group and approximate portion sizes.

Your wedding is going to be a pricey event no matter how creative you are with your budget, but remember that it’s not just about a perfect day. Your wedding is just a prelude to your marriage, which is where the real adventure begins.

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