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Tips For Dealing With A Difficult Ex During A Divorce Hearing

August 7, 2021

When you are in the process of getting divorced, it is likely a spot you never expected to find yourself. However, once you know divorce is inevitable, your attention needs to turn to dealing with your ex during the divorce hearing. Unfortunately, should your ex-spouse decide to make the process as hard as possible, it can be a stressful road ahead until the divorce is finalized. To make sure you get satisfactory results, follow these tips when dealing with your ex.

Document Your Communications

During a divorce hearing, your ex-spouse may attempt to lie or twist things around in an effort to make you look as bad as possible. To prevent this tactic from working, always have documentation of all communications you have had along the way. From printing out emails to saving text messages, these could be what ultimately turns the tide in your favor regarding custody or other important matters.

Listen to Your Attorney

Since your goal should be to come through your divorce with your finances, parental rights, and other important areas intact, always listen to the divorce lawyers you hired to handle your case. By relying on their experience and knowledge of divorce cases, you can let them communicate with your ex-spouse’s attorneys on your behalf, negotiate agreements on child custody and finances, and explain various options you may have as your divorce progresses.

Consider Mediation

In many situations where a divorce is contentious, mediation can prove to be the answer to getting many problems resolved. By taking the decision-making out of the courtroom, you and your ex can try to find common ground on custody, visitation, asset distribution, and other areas. Also, mediation allows you to have your lawyer present during the sessions, and also is not a matter of public record, meaning you and your ex can keep the details of your divorce private from prying eyes if you wish.

Realize Your Spouse Won’t Change

Once you realize you can’t change your spouse or their behavior, getting through your divorce hearing will be much easier. By choosing to not react to outlandish behavior or accusations, stick to the facts, and let your attorneys iron out the details of your divorce agreement, you can emerge from your divorce in much better shape than you imagined.

By remembering that your divorce hearing won’t last forever and that your future still looks very bright, you can obtain your divorce and move forward with your life.

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