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Tips For Designing Your Business Cards

May 4, 2016

Every business professional works hard to expand his business and keep his profits increasing. Business cards represent you and your company in front of the audience. It makes an impression on others which could be very beneficial for you in the future. There are numerous ways in which business cards can be well designed. Whether you are looking for business cards in Dubai or anywhere in the world, it is important to make sure your designer incorporates the design to suit your target audience. Many companies provide online designing facility and consultation for card printing, so this could be a time saver for you. Here are a few ideas or tips which can help you in designing attractive business cards.

  1. Complete information: Do not forget that the fundamental aim of business cards is to provide complete and necessary information to others about your business. Mention your name, contact number, your post at which you are working and the company’s name for good understanding. Mention the address as well where you could be reached easily. You should also mention your email id.

  2. Colour choice: This depends on your choices and preferences. You could opt for a colourful business card design as it might be very different from others. The colour combinations should not be very bright unless you are in a creative business. Try to keep it simple or even funky but not super bright or bad to look at. To be safe, you could always bet on a simple black and white card design as it will be a definite win- win situation. Black and white business cards are elegant and always in style.

  3. Avoid borders: This is a technical advice. It is not necessary that a beautiful and perfect design on your computer screen would look the same on your business card after printing. There is always a risk with it. Avoid using borders for your business cards.

  4. The thickness of your card: Consider the thickness of your card. Be very sure about it because the thicker your card is, the more professional it will look. It will be automatically appealing and attractive. If your card is thin, then it may look cheap or inappropriate.

  5. Visually creative: Don’t just leave your card filled with a lot of words. It might get boring. Use pictures to keep it creative. You can use your company’s logo for better space coverage. Also, remember that keeping the back of the card blank is of no use so do think something creative for it.

When you are looking for business cards in Dubai, make sure the designer or the printing company is known for their designs, good printing, and standard quality as this is what we all want in our cards. Keep it simple and easy to read and the color combinations should be thought about properly before the final printing.

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