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Tips For Developing The Habit Of Brushing Teeth In Children

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May 27, 2016

Being parents is a 24 hours job. There are no holidays, no off timings, and the workload never seems to end. Bringing up kids is a colossal task and bringing them up in an effective way adds even more misery to the situation.

Effective parenting consists of the most trivial tasks to the most important ones. Though brushing teeth seems to be a little task but it really isn’t. Unfortunately, many a times, in the battle of making children brush their teeth, parents don’t win and children spend their whole day without brushing teeth.

It is of utmost importance that children brush their teeth daily and preferably twice a day. Not brushing teeth on a regular basis gives room to dental decay. Among children, dental decay is the most common sighted disease. It can lead to serious dental problems if not taken care of properly.

Our specialists at Drs. Nicolas & Asp being the best dentists in dubai are of the view that parents need to start it as early as when the child gets his/her first tooth. They further think that start with baby steps while inculcating the habit of brushing teeth in your kid, eventually they will start brushing.

Here are a few recommendations and tips by our specialists for parents to convince their children to brush teeth from Drs. Nicolas & Asp being the best dental clinic in dubai.

Toothpastes are not Must

This might come as a surprise but the truth is when kids are 2 years old or younger than that, they mostly do not like to apply toothpaste on their brushes. Don’t push them into using one; try with different brands and flavors of toothpaste to see which one they like. If they still don’t like any of them, apply mouthwash on their brush.

Kids follow Parents

Before kids start going to school, parents are their role models. They follow their parents’ every habit and even try to sound and act like them. This can help you immensely in developing the habit of brushing teeth. When they will see you brushing teeth, naturally they will pick up their toothbrush and copy you.

No Sweets

Make it like a game. Tell them if they don’t brush their teeth daily, they cannot even have one candy. Kids love sweets and candies so there is a mighty chance they will fall into this. You can also use this to teach them the habit of brushing twice a day. If they brush twice, give them two sweets sometimes. Though trick has become old school but treat still works just fine.

Make it Fun-filled

Kids love to have fun and they will listen to you if they are having fun. If you have two children, tell them the one who finishes last will be the winner or play a song and tell them to brush till the end. Don’t ever threaten them or yell at them for not brushing teeth. Sing their favorite poems to them while they are brushing and ask them to make roaring sounds to make it a fun activity.

When Nothing Works

If, unfortunately, you have tried all these tips and suggestions but your kid is still not ready to brush their teeth, it might become a serious issue for you. Try to brush their teeth, divert their attention with their toys or cartoons. Before the tooth decay starts taking place, you need to develop the habit of brushing teeth in your children.

If nothing still works, you might consider contacting a specialist, a child dentist to discuss your problem with them. Nip the evil in the bud and don’t wait for too long.

We sincerely hope that your kids don’t give you a hard time while developing the habit of brushing habit. Though if you are facing challenges, you can always contact our specialists or visit our dental clinic.

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