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Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Appointment When You See A New Dentist

November 18, 2021

Meeting with a new dentist for the care of your teeth and mouth is an exciting opportunity to protect and improve your oral health. At the first appointment, discuss the following to ensure you and the dentist are on the same page regarding your dental care.

Your Dental History

Along with having your previous dental records forwarded from your past practitioner, you should also explain any issues that might not be covered in those documents. For example, you might mention what you liked (or not) about the office team’s interactions with you, their billing policies, and any insurance questions. You might also mention past illnesses or health concerns that impacted your dental care or oral health in the past even if they are no longer active.

Current Health and Issues

Your general health at present should also be discussed. The office staff or dental assistant will probably have you complete a health evaluation or ask you relevant questions. Medication allergies and lifestyle behaviors like using tobacco or consuming alcohol should be indicated, as they may play a role in your dental health along with other medical conditions or treatments you are currently receiving.

Personal Dental Goals

Let the office know if you have certain goals in mind for your dental care. These will be discussed with the dentist. Examples include whether you would like to consider getting replacement tooth implants or braces as well as other devices that can help to facilitate eating and speaking as well as the cosmetic appearance of your teeth.

Recommended At-Home Care

Ask the office team for advice on preventative dental care tips you can follow at home. The dental team may suggest specific products like toothbrushes, dental picks, or mouth rinses depending on your oral health and any specific concerns with your teeth. They might recommend certain types of toothbrushes for your personal use as well. You might receive sample products that will let you decide which ones are most helpful for your preventative care each day.

Discuss Payment Options

Find out how much your dental insurance, if you have it, will cover your estimated procedures. This will give you an idea of the deductibles or copays you will be responsible for. Ask about payment plans if you cannot pay any balances in full at the time of your appointment. You may be offered a specialized payment plan for costly treatments.

Meeting a new dentist lets you update your dental care in accordance with the new practice’s guidelines. Find out all you can at the first visit to prepare for future procedures.

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