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Tips For Moving Commercial Property

July 10, 2015

Moving house can be the ultimate test of your patience, and just how far your stress levels can be pushed! Imagine having to relocate business premises! Transporting computers, desks, chairs, important documents…the list goes on! The last thing you want is a stressful move or any loss of business.

Having recently relocated my business from Peterborough to a commercial office space in Bury St Edmunds, I can tell you it wasn’t all that easy but hopefully my experiences can help others to have a smoother transition from office to office.

  1. Don’t lose working days from the move. Think ahead, for example can your employees work from home for a day or two? If you book in advance you might be able to secure transport and removals at a weekend but it will cost extra.


  1. Organise your employees, ensure everyone is responsible for packing up their own desk as to avoid any unexplained losses.


  1. Don’t chuck things away! As an employer you should be responsible for acting in an environmentally friendly manner. Donate unwanted furniture and items to a local charity shop rather than taking it to a tip.


  1. Take extra care of important and confidential documents you don’t want to wind up losing these and cause a massive panic. Store them in a box and take them home if you’re concerned they might go awry.


  1. Make life easier by labelling all of your boxes. It will cause less hassle and make the removal company and your job a lot easier.


  1. Bubblewrap your expensive goods. Accidents happen and you don’t want any damages of any materials or technology equipment. Make sure all items of value are securely packaged just in case.

  1. Hire a professional removals service. This sounds like an obvious one but it can be tempting to try and save the extra cost by doing it yourself. It’s also worth noting that most business insurance providers won’t cover the cost of any damages if you’ve done the job yourself instead of hiring trained professionals.


  1. Figure out a desk or cubicle plan before the move. A meeting with staff to delegate areas of the new space and where everyone will be situated will save time and stress once you’re in the new property. Your staff need to know they’re involved and you don’t want to cause any unnecessary upset.


  1. Update your website, business cards, letterheads and anywhere else that has your address! This is a vital action that many people forget due to the stress of moving. You don’t want your clients driving to your office in Manchester when you’ve moved to Cambridge.


  1. Don’t stress! It will all work out in the end, although it can be an extremely stressful time and involve lots of co-ordination and quite often long days, you’ll soon be enjoying your new surrounding and wondering why you got so worked up.


I hope these tips help you if you’re planning on moving commercial property! Just remember to stay on top of everything, plan in advance and most importantly be organised!

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