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Tips On Finding A Cheap Wedding Venue

April 27, 2016

While wedding venues can often be overwhelmingly expensive there are ways to obtain one without breaking the bank. If you are flexible when it comes to planning your big day you will find you can save money on your wedding venue.

One of the biggest tips for saving money on the venue is to avoid getting married on a Saturday. Since most couples do, venues tend to charge more for Saturday than for any other day of the week. Weddings held on a Friday or Sunday is often significantly easier when it comes to booking a site for your ceremony and reception.

Some venues are fancier than others, so if you are willing to compromise in this area you will also save money. While most large weddings take place in a church or hotel, there are cheaper venue locations that can be just as charming. Depending on the size of your wedding, a local bed & breakfast may be able to accommodate your big day. Many venues that aren’t traditionally associated with weddings are willing to hold them if you ask. This includes public gardens, museums and even restaurants.

Though many couples book separate venues for their ceremony and reception this always costs more than having both at the same venue. It is not unusual for churches and hotels to be able to host both the ceremony and the reception under one roof. As long as you meet the minimum requirement for number of guests in attendance, most venues are happy to provide you with space for each aspect of your wedding day, including a cocktail hour if you are having one.

Many venues will charge you less if you have your wedding earlier in the day. Though morning weddings are not the norm in the industry, they do provide a cost efficient way to get married at your chosen venue. A morning wedding can be followed by a brunch or lunch service, which is generally cheaper than the dinner service most afternoon and evening weddings come with. You won’t be able to use sparklers or glow sticks during your daytime wedding, but there are plenty of other activities that will work well. Overall, the cost savings are worth the sacrifice.

Depending on the venue itself you may be able to get a discount on the amount you owe if you can pay it all at once. Since most couples put a down payment on their venue and make the final payment months or even weeks before the wedding, venues often welcome and encourage receiving the full payment up front.

This is especially true if the venue you choose to have your wedding in is one that has recently opened. There are so many wedding venues to choose from that new venues will be happy to book you to get the word out about them.

No matter which venue you choose, ask if they have an all-inclusive package for everything you need for the ceremony and reception. Not only does this cut down on how much money you spend it makes the planning of your wedding less stressful, which is something any couple can always appreciate.

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