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Tips On Packing Boxes For Moving

February 22, 2016

Packing your belongings is a tedious and time taking job which needs your complete attention, even with smaller details like selecting the boxes where you will be packing your stuff. Given below are some of the tips which you can follow while selecting your boxes.

1. Always put your belonging in boxes of correct size: While packing your items be sure to put all heavy items in boxes that are smaller in size, while putting all light weight items in bigger boxes. Heavy items when kept in small boxes, become easier to carry where as if all light weighted items are kept in bigger boxes you can carry more items with you with less difficulty. Professional packers and movers generally complaint about selection of wrong sized boxes to carry heavy items, which make their work more hard. Also packing up of heavy items in large boxes has a chance of breaking them.

2. Always remember to keep heavy items in bottom of the boxes and lighter ones on the top: While packing your boxes, keep all your heavy boxes in the bottom of the trucks while keep all the lighter items on the top. In this way the lighter and heavier items, both can be saved from breakage or getting damaged. Also while unloading the truck it will be of help if the light weight boxes are kept on the top of the heavy items.

3. Fill all space that is empty in the boxes: Don’t forget to fill all the gaps in between the items kept inside the boxes. All gaps must be filled with towels,cushions, bed sheets, packing papers, and other type of clothing materials.Always prefer clothing materials over packing papers as it will not only help you in preventing damage to any item but it will also help you in keeping more items inside the boxes, for which you would have carried separate boxes. You must make sure that no boxes are packed loosely or unbalanced. Professional movers never move such items that are packed loosely or are not balanced properly.

4. Keep away fromcombining items of different rooms in the same box: Always avoid packing up of items from different rooms in to the same box. It will not help you when you will be unloading your items and are ready to place every item at their desired place. Always keep items of different rooms in different boxes. This will help you when you are ready to unpack your belongings to place your items at their appropriate place in your new house or dwelling.

5. Tag every box with the room name where it is to be keptwith a brief narrativeabout the contents:Tagging every packed box with the room name and the description of their contents will help you and your packers and movers in placing your items in their correct rooms. Numbering on each box and list of the boxes will help you in tracking the items that have been packed, ensuring you that everything has been placed in their desired room after unpacking.

6. Remember to fix all your boxes with tapes: In order to keep all your boxes strong, you can use tapes to close the top and bottom seams of the boxes. You can also use the technique used by various movers in which they wrap all the way around the box’s top and bottom edges to lessen the stress on the boxes.

7. Ask for special crating from your mover if you are shifting luxurious art:
You should never wrap your oil paintings with the regular packing paper as it will get stick. For large pictures that are fixed behind glass, you can use mask tape to mark X across the glass so as to make it stronger it and to hold it together if it breaks. Also put the photos in paper or bubble wrapsand then put them in a frame box amidst pieces of cardboard for its protection.

8. Always remember to pad up your valuable and breakable items: While packing up your breakable items like glass dishes or glasses make sure that you pad up each of your item with the packing paper around each item. Place all your cups and bowls inside one another with paper in between them and wrap some items into a bundle. Also don’t forget to pack all such breakable items in dish-barrel boxes.

In the end, in whatever you pack your stuff depends entirely on you. But following some tips is not a bad idea at all. They are only going to help you in one way or the other. Remember to fill all empty space in your boxes, labeling all the boxes with their room names written on it and of course, padding up all your breakables.

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