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Tips To Choose Global Debt Recovery Company

June 6, 2016

If you’ve been battling lately with trying to track down overdue payments for invoices, you’ll understand how frustrating it can be. For a small business, or even for a larger one, not being paid for goods or services you provided can be at best frustrating, and at worst financially crippling, so it’s clear to see the importance of having solutions in place. A debt collection agency is an excellent investment for those looking to take control and recover overdue funds, but not all companies are created equal.

If you have to employ an agency to recover due payments, your first task is to choose your debt collections company well. Here are a few tips to aid you to find global debt recovery company for your purpose:

· Credibility

You can find collection agencies advertising over the internet or listed in the Yellow Pages. However, before you hire any of them, you should check their credentials. You should check your state laws to make sure of this provision and see whether the agency is properly licensed. This marks of professional integrity and permanence.

· Specialization and the Scale of the Debt Collection

It may be better if you Find Global Debt Recovery Company which specializes in the type of business in which your firm is engaged. This is because the agency will have a better understanding of the situation and will also have contacts within the industry which may help in the process of collection. The scale of operation means you can choose a small local firm or a nationwide one or even one which operates all over the globe. Big companies charge higher but generally deliver better results.

· Cost

However, the collection agency charging the lowest may not always be the best. Instead, you will have to compare the costs with their rates of recovery and come up with the best solution . Debt collection companies charge either a percentage of the collection or a a flat fee. If an agency promises to take a small percentage but fails to recover any significant amount, you will have no profit. On the other hand, even if a company charges more, if it can recover a larger amount, you will end up with profit.

· Past Record

To understand this, it is vital to check the previous record of the debt collections so that you can make a realistic estimate of its cost-recovery ratio. Look out for reviews and discussions on blog posts. You can ask the company to provide letters of reference and talk in person to other business owners who have used the agency in the past.

· Tailored Services

Watch out for agencies that have processes that are set stone with no room for customization or compromise when it comes to your requirements. A good agency will  want to discuss your financial needs with you, the areas you most need help in and the actions you’re happy with at varying stages. Creating a payment plan system is often a lot more efficient and effective than a hard-line, legal approach, and an agency that is willing to engage with your specific needs and employ creative strategies to get you your money is more likely to be a good choice.

· It follows the Law

It is vital that the collection agency should follow the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). You should ask for the details of the process they use for debt recovery in order to make an informed choice.


Choosing the right agency can be the difference between survival and failure and can give a huge boost to your company’s cash-flow.

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