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Tips To Pick Bell Helmets Best Suited For You

June 27, 2016

The World Health Organization report, prepared with information from one hundred and eighty countries shows that 1.25 million road users lost their lives to road accidents in 2015. Registered cases show that drivers of two wheelers are at maximum risk of accident related deaths. The very basic way of protecting yourself while on road is to use a helmet. However, using just any helmet is not of much help. You need to use the right kind of helmet that suits your head. Bell helmets offer a wide range of helmets built to suit government specifications.

Helmet Varieties

You can choose from five main helmet varieties – full face, dual sport, half shell, modular and open face. Each of them have their unique benefits. What’s more, the choice should also depend on the kind of bike you drive. For adventure biking, full face helmet is mandatory. If you ride a sports bicycle, you can choose a half shell or open face model. Dirt bike riding needs chin protection. So, you need to choose a suitable helmet. Essentially, make the choice keeping your requirements in mind.

Necessary Features to Consider

Once you decide on the type of helmet you want, the next step is to decide on its weight, construction style and the add-on features available with it. All these three factors are interlinked and influence each other.

Helmets usually weigh between 1400 and 1800 grams. So, you need to wear the helmet and see if it feels heavy on your head and neck. The trick is to buy a helmet that feels comfortable and not too heavy. Modular helmets are the heaviest while open face helmets are lighter.

Here, the construction of the helmet also plays a major role. The construction should be such that the entire weight of the helmet should be evenly distributed around your shoulders and head. The center of gravity of the helmet should be exactly centered. If the construction is improper, you’ll feel very uncomfortable even if the helmet is lightweight. The material used for construction influences its weight. The most common materials used are fiberglass composite, polycarbonate and carbon fiber.

The add-ons such as wind reduction part and integrated sunshade are optional features. If you go on riding expeditions with your friends, you might want to consider communication provisions in the helmet as well. All these features improve your riding experience while keeping you safe. Bell helmets come with several such optional features.

All said and done, the most important aspect in choosing a helmet is its fit. Measure the circumference of your head from just an inch above your eyebrows all the way around the head. You can compare the standard sizes of helmets to the size of your head and make the right choice. The helmet should fit snugly and squarely on your head. It should not move on your head and should not allow gap for your fingers to fit easily. The three standard shapes in helmets are long oval, intermediate oval and round oval. Match the shape of your head to the shape of the helmets before you buy.

With the kind of range available in Bell helmets, you are sure to find the right match. Use your helmet regularly and be safe on the road.

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