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Tips To Save On Gym Membership

February 3, 2016

Gyms offer the opportunity to broaden your social circle, and give you a variety of workout options and helpful trainers. If you want these benefits, then a gym is your best option. However, you hesitate about committing to a gym because of the expensive monthly fees.

Try some of these tips to decrease your monthly gym costs.

Sign Up During the Summer

Gyms have a splurge of new members during the beginning of the year. Many people commit in anticipation of sticking with their New Year’s resolutions. They also join during winter months when the weather presents harsh outdoor exercising obstacles.

Gym memberships decrease in the summer because it is easier and cheaper to exercise outdoors. Gyms become more desperate to sign new members. Therefore, they are willing to offer deals and lower monthly or initial fees.

Skip Extras

Before signing up for a gym membership, really evaluate what you need and want from your gym experience. This allows you to focus your target only on gyms that offer what you need.

Use Your University Connections

Some universities offer their alumni discounted memberships. University gyms often come fully equipped and sometimes offer alumni affordable membership. Contact your Alma Matter’s gym to find out their prices and alumni discounts.

Avoid Contracts

Do not pay a monthly fee, especially if you plan only occasional gym visits. Seek out gyms without contracts.

Use community recreational centers or park districts. Depending on their policy, you may choose a monthly membership or just pay a fee every time you visit.

Another option is an American Health and Fitness Alliance passbook. In many major cities, you can buy a passbook for $85, and then visit each one of the affiliated gyms at least twice. The abundance of gyms allows you to visit a different gym every day in one year. The pass expires at the end of the year, so it benefits you to use it daily.

You can also look for gym deals by using Groupon to search your city for fitness classes or gym membership discounts. You will see plenty of gym options that allow you to test out a gym a few times. You can buy a bunch of different deals and try out different gyms weekly, or test out a few and then decide if you want to get a contract.

These are only a few of the many ways to save and go to the gym. If one method fails, explore another option. Do not let gym fees stop you from reaching your fitness goals this year. No excuses!

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