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Top 4 Methods To Treat Wrinkles

October 23, 2015

The wrinkles usually occur with the reduction in the amount of elastin and collagen in the ageing skin. It is a natural process and usually occurs due to frequent exposure to elements such as sunshine that results in premature ageing as well as pigmentation. Another cause of premature ageing is the frequent exposure to cigarette smoke. This tends to delay the repair mechanism of the skin and leads to wrinkles and dull skin. Only little can be done to decrease the rate of premature ageing and prevent wrinkles.

Common Causes of Wrinkles

There are a number of causes of wrinkles. Some of these are
Sun exposure
Genetic factors
Normal aging changes in the skin

How Do We Treat Wrinkles?


The soft tissue fillers or the use of Hyaluronic Acids such as Juvidem, Matridur , Matridex or Restylane aids in filling of the wrinkles. The products usually last for duration of 6-12 months. Initially collagen was widely used but this has been replaced by a safer version called Evolence. The product has a life of about 18 months. Today some less biodegradable filler such as the radiesse or Outline are gaining popularity. They tend to remain in skin for 24 months without any problems. Use of Fillers treatment in Singapore is usually popular as it helps the women to regain the lost volume, smooth out the wrinkles and add projection to the facial area. So, retain your perfect V look of the face with these natural fillers. The side effects of the fillers are minimal.


Another way to treat wrinkles is use of device called as Thermage. Thermage makes use of radio-frequency energy in order to reduce the effect of wrinkles. Thermage Singapore is a leading technique to safely heat the collagen that is found even in the deepest layers of the skin. Thermage not only aids in contraction of the existing collagen fibers but also prevents development of new collagen in the skin. The technique is usually used on delicate areas around the neck, arms, buttocks, eyes and obviously the face.  This treatment can be a little painful but there is no itching, redness, down time or peeling noticed after the treatment.

APTP (Advanced Pigmentation Treatment Program)

This is a new and relatively one of the most effective methods of the pigmentation removal. In this evidence based medical protocol and the sophisticated Korean technology has been amalgamated to fight the damage caused by freckles, sun spots and melasma. The treatment involves the use of peels as well as laser toning that would help in priming of the skin. A lightening regime may also be employed.


There are a number of medical creams too that help in reducing the effect of wrinkles. The effect from the creams is usually slow. Thus, a regular use of the wrinkle reduction creams is recommended. Retin-A has the ability to reduce the signs of ageing such as rough skin and mottled pigmentation. Apply small amount of cream on the hand, to ensure that you’re not allergic to it.

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