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Top 5 Background Checks Service Providers In California

June 14, 2016

Today, with increasing rates of criminals and crimes in our society, it is becoming crucial to check the background of the person before hiring for any job. You can get many companies that provide the background checks in California. This article discusses top 5 companies for conducting background checks of employees in California.

Whether you are hiring help to take care of your house or you are employing a person for a big organization, running the background check of that person should be the thing on the top on your list. Running a background check does not mean that you are spying or stalking that person, but it shows that you are considering your own security, as you can’t trust anyone today. Many companies provide these services in California.
Top 5 companies are-

The Source: Personnel Information Service

This is right at the top when it comes to providing accurate and efficient information regarding people that you want to run background checks on. This company has been providing its services for more than 15 years. From criminal background check to social security trace, the company offers many types of screening services at reasonable prices. What’s amazing is they give you a free trial and the results are quick. If you want to run drug tests, they guarantee accurate results in an hour.

Check Global: Screening Made Smart

This is another company that is recognized internationally and is known for providing background check services since 1978. This company provides information about a person that include – background checks, education history, checking references, and criminal records history. This company supports a team of 200 employees with an aim of providing the best information they can.


This company is highly efficient in its work, and you don’t have to worry a bit about the authenticity of the information provided by this company. They work on total professional ethics and deliver good and efficient information. Whether you are going to hire an employ for your small business or a big company, Proforma will give you large variety if options to check the background of your employee.

Direct Screening

If you want to run a criminal check on your employee, then you have to contact no one but direct screening. This company provides highly confidential, up – to – date and accurate knowledge about the person that whether he has done any serious crime in his past or not. Once you hire them to run a background check, then they will find out the information from 245 million records and will provide you with the precise one.

Instant Background Checks

This is one of the most respectable companies in the USA. They are more than 33 years old and have a record of giving authentic information about the people. Whether you want information about your tenant or your employee, this company helps you in every manner by providing various services.

So, these are some of the best screening service companies in the US. They can give you various services related to background checks in California. Don’t forget to contact any one of these before hiring someone, just for your own safety.

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