Top 5 Benefits Of Live Chat For Your Business

January 18, 2018

Customers feel that they can trust the services of an e-commerce site when it has a live chat feature. Among other reasons, live chatting is convenient, and you get the information you are looking for instantly. While Facebook Messenger or Google+ enable clients to communicate with you directly, these work for social media and not everyone comes across your services. Therefore, enabling live chatting on your website is something you cannot underestimate.

Here are the main reasons why live chat is an essential tool for leading Toronto massage companies:

  1. It cuts down expenses

Phone support may work for your business, but it is rather costly in terms of the person-per-hour cost and the toll charges. This is especially true because your clients and potential clients may be from different parts of the world.

Live chat, on the other hand, isn’t as costly, all you need is a high-quality and a reliable email provider. Also, the use of live chat enables your team members and the agents to multitask assisting several customers at once. With the right amount of training, a live chat agent handles up to three active chats once. This is a lot more effective than phone support.

  1. Enhanced customer service and brand loyalty

Customers feel satisfied when served instantly, and live chat is effective in increasing customer satisfaction. You get more satisfied customers when using live chat compared to using email support or phone support.

The reason for this is live chat builds confidence, and it is instantaneous and hassle-free. The last thing customers want is having to wait in line for help.

  1. It boosts sales

You can look at this in different ways, but the basic one is the fact that you are responding to your potential clients fast, you are handling more clients once, and you don’t have to redirect calls. Studies by the American Marketing Association show that you can increase your business’ conversion rates by at least 20 percent and get even higher ROI when using live chat to communicate with your existing and the potential customers.

By providing customers an opportunity to access you directly, you will generate more leads which often lead to sales.

  1. You learn about your customer’s pain points

Pain points are essential in this age of internet and digital marketing. The only way of ensuring that your audience gets the right information about your services and have their issues addressed is through listening and responding to the pains instantly.

Through the live chat, you can learn about a customer’s unsolved problem or even an issue they raised, and they didn’t have it addressed. By going through the live chat histories, administrators and supervisors get to unravel pain points, resolving them, keeping customers happy. With pain points identified, you get to resolve problems fast.

  1. It gives you an edge over your competition

Did you know that most top retailers aren’t offering live support services? With this in mind, why would you let this opportunity to increases your sales and build brand loyalty slip? Besides having satisfied customers speaking about your services, you are cutting costs using the live chat feature.


We cannot stress the importance of live chats for your business. You need to know that failure to use this tool is a simple way of saying you don’t want to cut down sales or increase your market reach.

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