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Top 5 Challenges Facing Travel And Tourism Sector In India!

May 9, 2016

India is a popular tourist destination and people from all over the world fly down here to enjoy its unique landscape and distinct culture. From the challenging mountains of Himalayas and iconic monument of Taj Mahal to magnificent palaces of Rajasthan and comforting beaches of Goa, India has a lot to offer to the tourists. Now because India has numerous destinations for touring and sightseeing, travel and tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Indian economy. Other important sectors such as airline, infrastructure and transport are in close relation with the travel industry and as a result of this, they contribute to the promotion of travel business.

The ever-growing demand of skillful and passionate resources in the travel industry makes travel and tourism courses in India quite popular among the students who look beyond the traditional courses of science and technology. These courses also cater to the career plans of the students who wish to make profession out of their passion to travel all around the world and explore newer places.

There’s no denying that growth opportunities in the travel and tourism sector are tremendous. But it is also to be noted that the challenges related to it are no less. We might not experience these challenges on individual level, but the sector as a whole faces a number of challenges. Here’s a list.

  • Service: Service is way too integral to any kind of business in action. This also explains why the tourism courses in India revolve centrally around delivering exceptional service to the incoming travelers. The tour operators are supposed to communicate with people coming from different backgrounds and go an extra mile to exactly understand the culture and issues related with different people, which is a challenging job to indulge in.
  • Marketing: The marketing and promotion procedures to highlight India as an excellent tourist destination are quite slow paced due to lack of adequate budgetary. This is the reason why India still lags behind its competing countries, even after having enormous potential. Campaigns like “Incredible India” have somehow elevated the image, but we still need some more of advertising campaigns.
  • Taxation: Travel and tourism is heavily taxed industry in India. We all know of several variants of taxes such as service tax, luxury tax, tax on aviation and tax on transportation- which are levied across the travel industry. This makes India an “expensive” tourist destination.
  • Security: Security issues in India such as political pressures and terrorist attacks are always in the headlines. India lies too down in the list of safe tourist destinations and these security issues undoubtedly raise concern among the foreign travelers. It continues to serve as a barrier to growth in the travel and tourism sector.
  • Human resources: And lastly, even with one of highest manpower, India lacks qualified and skillful resources due to which travel industry lacks in terms of effective human resources required for the industry.

    The opportunities in the travel and tourism sector still outweigh the challenges and barriers. Go for a travel and tourism course to elevate the position of India in the list of tourist destinations.

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