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Top Benefits Of Lecture Capturing

June 20, 2016

Lecture capture is a technology that allows digitally recording of a lecture and using it later for the better understanding of lessons by the students. It may be either audio, video or screen captures. The video capturing can be done by software installed on computers that capture video through webcam. Or, there are many video capture gadgets available in the market today that can male videos as the class in going on. These videos are usually published online for distant students to watch and learn. Regular students can also use it for revision purposes.

Here are the benefits of video recording lectures

  • It is the best alternative for students who miss classes. Instead of copying friend’s notes or hearing what was taught from the students who were present, the absent students can hear it from the horse’s mouth.
  • It is the best opportunity for content review by the students. What is taught in class cannot be remembered by all. Some students are slow learners. Thus, students will have the facility to review and repeat the studies whenever possible.
  • Such videos are also a tool for faculty to review their own performances and teaching abilities.
  • Recording lectures is an extended instructional activity of the existing ones such as, face-to-face or online learning. It is the best way to understand very difficult subjects. Complex formulae and difficult problems cannot be solved after learning them ones. If the students get a chance to review the session once or twice, they will have a clear understanding of the subject.
  • Recording university lectures allows students who are ill and cannot attend the classes to learn from home without feeling left out. The videos will have a classroom environment.
  • The course content is delivered in a more dynamic way.
  • It gives opportunity to construct learning resources that can be used later in different courses.
  • It gives a perfect access to statistical records that cannot be written down like they are.
  • These recording devices are very convenient and you can record lectures from anywhere, homes, offices, or class rooms.
  • Even the students consider it as a less stressful format that is more productive.
  • This technology gives the students a chance to learn at their own pace. They also have the option revisiting the course content whenever they want.
  • Students try to simultaneously take notes and also listen to the lessons. This is practically impossible unless one of the things is paid less attentions. Once the lessons are recorded, the students do not worry about vigorously taking notes and enjoy the lessons heartily.

There are many modern lecture capture devices that are being used successfully in most of the top universities. These devices are being used after all the legal permissions have been taken. This system is a simple and effective way of recording lectures that both the staff and students have enthusiastically accepted.  Traditional and modern teaching methods go hand in hand as these videos are being reviewed after the professors give their lectures for the class. These devices are easy to use, have uncomplicated upgrades and simple to operate.

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