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Top Tips To Study Smart

October 8, 2015

Many students find it difficult to concentrate on studies. If this is your case, don’t worry – it’s not the only one. Small tips can help solve your problem, increase your attention span in studies and further increase the possibility of having good test results.

When you are studying, it’s important to move away from objects and places that can distract you from the learning process. Noisy places, televisions and cellphones should be avoided for you while you are studying.

  1. Find out what the best study schedule

Everyone has a preferred time to study. Find out what is the better schedule for you and it will help you learn much more easily. If in the morning you are very sleepy, choose another time to study.

Of course not everyone has that possibility, for some people it is only possible to study at night; it’s recommended to develop a habit of study to get used to the nightly study routine.

  1. Define objectives to study

Students sometimes forget to set goals and objectives to study and thereby the study progress end up becoming ineffective. Students also often study contents that are not useful to their goals.

Your brain is a machine that consumes a lot of energy, so any useless activity or studying without a reward ends up being insufficient.

So if you study aimless, your brain “believes” that the activity of study is useless, so it is not necessary concentration or store content at all will not be used for anything.

  1. Write to learn easier.

If you are studying you need to write a lot. Make summaries, mind maps, tables, notes in books, whatever you want, but use your pencils, pens of different colors.

The more you write, the easier it will make your learning. So whenever you can write. In addition, the writing will help you to better organize their thinking and also prepare you for the essays you might have to do in trials and tests.

  1. Avoid stress

One of the biggest inhibitors of learning and memory is stress. In addition stress can really harm your body and your studies will be completely useless when stress is at high levels. A brain that is too stressed produces large amounts of cortisol, which prevents your brain to focus and memorize content.

  1. Practice what you learn

The school troubleshooting is great to evaluate your knowledge in that field of study, and lets you know if you’re really learning what you are studying. If you are aware that you are not really learning, it can be the right time to focus your study in that content.

  1. Take a bath to relax

The hot bath is highly relaxing and is ideal for cases of stress, highly recommend when your mind is restless and you cannot concentrate.

One of the reasons hot bath is good for your brain is linked to dopamine doses that are released while you take a bath. Dopamine is responsible for feelings of pleasure in the brain and also helps in learning and memorization.

Sandra I. Sohn is an inveterate traveler and a PhD content writer at She lives in New York along with her husband and five-year-old son. She’s had an exciting life working as a nurse, pearl diver and submarine cook.

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