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Transform Your Home Or Office With These 3 Unusual Tips

January 27, 2016

When it comes to home or office makeovers, ‘budget’ and ‘DIY’ are buzzwords, because they can make your home or office transformation cheaper and easier than it might be otherwise. But to make your revitalised home or office really stand out from the pack nowadays, you have to try something quite a bit different from the usual when it comes to makeovers. Bring a fresh style and modern feel to your home or office for less, with these 3 unusual tips for DIY and low cost changes that can really transform your space for better, brighter living and working.

Add a Splash of Colour

This is a main stay of DIY home and office improvements, and it’s easy to see why. Adding a fresh coat of paint, and interesting and new colour, or really shaking things up with a feature wall or artwork. But how to take this tip and make it even more unique and fascinating? Try not just putting a bold coloured feature wall in your home, a stunning new trend is putting in a feature ceiling that makes your décor stand out and highlights the room in an outstanding way.

If painting sounds like too much effort or cost, why not try the budget makeover approach of adding some colour with some cool vintage furniture, soft furnishings and artwork. There’s no need to spend a fortune on these feature pieces, with so many cool and interesting pieces available in thrift stores and second hand stores. Only a small amount of coloured items are needed, without overwhelming the space – and there’s no need to worry about making them match either.

Switch Up Your Windows, Doors and Mirrors

Making a room seem different is as simple as switching up some of the glass in the mirrors, windows and doors for a totally new look. Getting a glass replacement for some old patterned glass windows or doors can really revitalise the look of your home or office. Replacing your existing door with a glass framed door on your office, and making sure the windows are clean and serviceable, means you can let in a lot more natural light for a more pleasant office environment and lower electricity bills.

Glass can be used in different ways around your house for a fresh new look. Install wider windows to capitalise on your view and let more light in. Expand the mirrors in your bathroom for the appearance of more space. Get a coloured glass splashback behind your stove in the kitchen to add a stylish, bright accent that allows easy cleaning as well. It’s great to encourage natural light to enter your home through windows, doors and skylights as this saves on electricity for lights and saves energy usage for the environment.

Slip In More Storage

When it comes to updating or transforming your home it’s always a good idea to add in more storage wherever possible, to help you stay more organised and prevent clutter and mess building up in your home. Storage can exist in cupboards, shelves, closets, drawers and furniture in your home, but you can also put storage in the most unlikely, interesting, even attractive places. One innovative idea to increase storage space in very small areas is to install glass shelves in window frames. This provides extra storage space without closing down the window and obstructing the light too significantly.

Replacing closed cupboards with shelves in general helps to open up the space in living areas and make the space more inviting. You can keep storage out of sight by having secret stow compartments under bench seats or bay seats, or chests or boxes in your children’s rooms. For offices choose filing cabinets and cupboards that are an interesting design or colour rather than the boring old grey metal ones. While storage is an important aspect in an office, try not to choose a clunky, heavy desk, but one that’s more lighter and daintier, with plenty of shelf space surrounding.

With these tips you can add a fresh and interesting touch to your office and home space, without breaking the bank.

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