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Tricks For Keeping Your Small Business Local

March 21, 2016

Having a local base for your small business offers a reliable way to ensure you don’t end up losing touch with your roots. A local small business can rank higher in the search engines, and offers a good way to connect with the people in your community that easily frequent your company. Keeping your small business local also offers several benefits that can help your company succeed and stay dedicated to a small, focused segment of the community.

Competing with Big Box Stores

You know you can’t compete with the big box stores on price, and you also can’t compete on variety. What you can offer is convenience and a unique, hand-selected set of offerings that really appeal to your community and customer base. Develop contacts within your community, and make sure the hobbyists and professionals that frequent your store know they can come to you for the best advice. Become an expert in your area and make sure you can offer something tailor-made to your community.

Concentrate on Local Referrals

Amusement parks in California offer special discounts for residents, and they cater to the people who live there. Exclude people, and you’ll become the establishment that locals flock to when they need something special. Rather than focusing on sweeping campaigns, offer discounts to local residents and charge people who aren’t local the regular prices. This allows you to keep your business small, while giving something back to your local community.

Market to the Street

Create a team that brings in people from the community instead of marketing broadly online. The fact is, when you run a social media campaign, it’s simply impossible to please everyone. Every locality has its own special customs and taboos. It’s just too easy to offend someone on a global scale. When you market to your local community, you can customize your campaign to the interests of the people in your neighborhood. A third party company like an IT service in Ottawa can help greatly improve your ability to target local customers and offer better security online. Be sure to adjust your search engine optimizations to target people in your area.

If you are in a small community, it doesn’t mean you can’t expand your business. A town of 30,000 might require you to offer a few different types of stores. However, if you’re in a bigger city, you can always market your goods in different areas. Make it convenient for people to get to your stores, and advertise to your community. This can save money and over time you can become a local institution without having to branch out and deal with the complexities of growing too big.

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