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Trot Ahead Of Jammu: Delightful Weekend Getaways

July 19, 2016

Jammu, also called Duggardesh, is a standout amongst the most visited religious as well as tourist destinations of India. During winters, Jammu becomes the official capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir on account of the overwhelming snowfall in Srinagar. This area had been named after King Jambu Lochan who established Jammu in the eighth century BC. The various temples along with the undulating natural sceneries, and some heavenly destinations in its close proximity, make it a gem of a destination to visit.

While you are busy looking for flights from Delhi to Jammu, there are some awe-inspiring destinations around the city of Jammu that are ardently awaiting your arrival. So why just limit your Jammu trip to the sacred Vaishno Devi Temple? Trot ahead, and explore what lies beyond the boundaries of this slice of paradise on earth. Here are some suggestions–

1. Patnitop

A standout amongst the most beautiful hill stations in the nation, Patnitop is situated in the Udhampur locale of Jammu, and is the most elevated point along the National Highway to Srinagar. Sprawling across a levelled top in the Shivalik range of the lower Himalayas, Patnitop lies at an elevation of 2024 m. In case you’re searching for isolation in the midst of a dazzling view, the magnificence and peacefulness of this spot is unmatched.

2. Kashmir

The wonderful city of Kashmir has constantly been a charmer for nature lovers. The frigid crests and the solidified streams merit exploring, at least once. The city encounters a chilled climate mostly throughout the year and one can get an ethereal view of the captivating snow clad tops even in summer. It will induce you with a feeling of calm, and inner happiness with its gorgeous valley views, lovely houseboats, pretty, meandering and sometimes frozen rivers, and treks to high mountains.

3. Anantnag

Anantnag District, known as the business capital of Jammu and Kashmir, is situated in the south-western part of the Kashmir valley. It is a standout amongst the most established locales in the valley of Kashmir. The locale got its name from the prominent folklores, one of which states that Lord Shiva disposed off all his valuable assets while on his way to the Amarnath Cave. The spot where he dropped his snakes has been named as Anantnag. By the way, you’ll forget Iceland, and Switzerland, once you see what Anantnag looks like in real.

4. Sanasar

Situated at a height of 2050 m, Sanasar, touted as the Mini Gulmarg, is one of the remotest ranges in Jammu. Located at a distance of approximately 20 km from Patnitop, this locale characterized by its ethereal scenery of sprouting knolls encompassed by thick woodlands, is viewed as the air adventure sports capital in the district. Offering sightseers a host of activities including rock-climbing, paragliding, rappelling, parasailing and hot-air ballooning, Sanasar is an offbeat, yet an ideal spot for all the adventure seekers.

5. Poonch

Poonch is a remote region in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Affectionately called the ‘Mini Kashmir’, and situated in the midst of untainted nature, Poonch is encased by the Actual Line of Control (ALC) from three sides. There are a few tourist spots in this area including some chronicled landmarks and religious centres, along with wonderful waterfalls, valleys, crests, and lakes. What more does one want, right?

So the next time you plan on visiting your beloved Vaishno Devi, make sure that you proceed ahead and have a gala of a trip, exploring these unsung, flawless, and soul stirring cousins of Jammu. Stay safe, and enjoy!

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