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Trying To Stop Smoking? Meditation Could Be The Key To Success

May 9, 2016


Many people say that they smoke so as to deal with some stress. This means that people smoke so as to distract their minds. Apparently, most of the smokers were not aware of what they were getting themselves into when they took their first puff. They are smokers because at one point in their lives they were anxious. They wanted something to do, and a cigarette was that thing to distract their minds just for a while and wander the thoughts. However, they soon realized that the quality and amount of relief they got was not worth the habit. You do it once, and you will feel the urge to do it again someday. It will become a part of you. You need something to distract you when you feel that your body needs a break from reality. Clearly, smoking does not help with anxiety. It just momentarily pushes it away, and you will pick it up later. You can, however, stop smoking through the meditation process. Be keen when you smoke. Concentrate on what you are doing, what you are feeling and the anxiety relief that you attain.

Creating Awareness of the Habit

Nancy Redd opened up to Huff Post Live writer on how she used medication to quit smoking. According to her, it was not an easy process, but she encourages others to take on meditation so as to quit smoking. It all starts with acceptance and engaging in the inner dialogue. She insists that taking the time to ponder on your actions and especially smoking. We have the power to take action and stop smoking. Nancy talked about the advantages of meditation towards quitting smoking.

When you get anxious, you try to hide it by finding something that you can do. Smokers will stroll and light a cigarette. They are, however, not into their actions. They just puff and let off the smoke. The cigarette takes them away from the moment. This, however, does not help them at all with the problem or the cause of anxiety. After the cigarette, your mind will stroll back to your issues. You will feel discontented with yourself. You can’t help control your mind. You will be angry that you are fooling yourself. This should teach you that, cigarettes do not solve or put to an end any to your anxiety. They, therefore, do not help you at all with anything. Not even the least of your worries. It will just fool you into a momentary distraction from reality. It will help you waste time. It does not help you find a solution to anything. If you understand this, then you know you need to quit smoking. Meditate on your problems rather than trying to stroll away. Do not fool your mind or body. For breast cancer sign, smoking will not take it away. In fact, smoking will lump up issues and increase to your problems. When you realize that you do not help by engaging in smoking, you will soon start smoking less. You will not run away from your problems. You wish to take control of your life and find solutions to your problems. When this woman was aware of what she was doing, she started smoking less. It was easy to ignore lighting a cigar. She took the time to think and relax. Pondering about the present moment and not trying to run away. Creating an awareness of the cause of anxiety paid off. The importance and greatness of feeling in control soon surpassed the need to light a cigar and drain or distract anxiety.

Smoking Medication

When you are anxious, you want to grab your packet of cigarettes, lighter and light a cigar. This makes you feel relaxed. But this woman tried more than that. She wanted to be part of what she was doing. She was keen on feeling a deeper level of relationship with her oneself. She did not want to do things unconsciously. This made it easier for her to give love easily. She realized how being aware of one’s action was important. It was time to take things seriously. To avoid doing things unconsciously, she followed all her actions making sure to involve her whole body so as to understand her actions. She did not rush to light a cigar when she was anxious. She took time with the entire process of lighting and smoking a cigar. Once you can change the process and automotive yourself, it becomes easy to stop. It is not something that you cannot control. You can put to hold smoking even when you are in urge. Eventually, you will be able to drop off the smoking habit.


Cigarette smoking can be controlled by taking the time to meditate on your actions. This is because it is voluntary and not forced by the body’s system. Try meditation to stop smoking and back pains might be a vocabulary to you.

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