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Types Of Equipment to Have On Hand When Working In Plumbing

September 2, 2021

Working as a plumber is not an easy job. It can be very demanding and stressful, which is why it’s important to have all the right tools on hand when you start working. The following are some of the equipment necessary for any professional plumber to have in their tool kit to work efficiently and effectively.


A wrench is a type of tool that can be used for tightening or loosening bolts and nuts. A plumber needs this to work on valves, faucets, pipes, drains, traps, etc. Standard wrenches come in different sizes, which are measured by “in” (inches). The size ranges from 0-24″. Wrenches can be also broken down into two categories: adjustable wrenches and fixed-jaw wrenches. Adjustable wrench ranges from size 0-24″ whereas the fixed jaw wrench only comes in sizes of 11/16 (11), 13/16 (12), and 15/16 (13).

Hacksaw or Sawzall

A hacksaw is a hand saw that has coarse teeth and can cut through materials such as metal, wood, PVC pipe, etc. The hacksaw blade should be replaced every week to avoid it from getting dulled by friction with the material being cut. A Sawzall is a type of hack saw electric motor power that. This can be more convenient because it requires less force to operate, and the teeth don’t need to be replaced as often.


A plumber needs a good pair of scissors to cut materials that are too thick for the hacksaw. The most common type is an “Olfa” brand because they have sharp blades and can easily bend at right angles, which would otherwise cause other types of scissors, such as household shears or dressmaking shears, to break.

Test Plugs

Test plugs are important to have so that the plumber can check whether water leaks from a pipe or appliance. They come in two different types: plastic and metal, which work similarly but with slight differences in cost, durability, and sustainability. In addition, the plumbers need to have some machine that can be used for testing whether there is any water pressure.

Vice Grips

Vice grips are used to hold the material being cut, and they come in different sizes. They work by using a metal or plastic clamp that can be tightened around materials to avoid slipping off while cutting it with the hacksaw blade. These vice clamps vary from small, medium, and large, which also correlates to their grip strength.

All plumbers need to know the different types of equipment they need on hand to make their job much easier and less stressful.

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