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Understand The Reasons Behind Fluctuations In Solar Panel Performance

December 3, 2015

Due to amplification in energy costs and increase in pollution the installation of solar panel has risen in popularity. Installation of solar panels is expensive. Orange County Solar Installation team shows you how this system pays off. It can become an equitable asset for your home. If you buy the solar panels rather than lease, your property’s resale value increases.

Solar Panel Installation Cost

Cost can vary because it depends greatly on different factors like –

  • Home size
  • Personal energy needs
  • Roof pitch

Finance Options for Installing Solar Panels

  • Private lending – Carries high interest rates
  • Equity lending – Tapping home equity to fund for solar panels
  • Program-supported lending – Finance is available via several programs, which is a wise and cost-effective solution for homeowners
  • Solar leases – This finance option can turn out to be a costly option

Monitoring Solar Panel Performance

After the solar system gets fully operational, you enjoy reviewing the savings accumulated from your personal rooftop power generating station. Today, you can keep track of the system performance with the help of monitoring app.

At times, you will find that the system does not generate expected kilo-watts. This may make you wonder, if there is something wrong with solar panels or the inverter that converts solar energy into electricity. Before the worries turn into apprehensions, it is logical to understand the fluctuations triggered in the solar panel’s performance, sometimes.

Consider the reasons that hinder solar system performance

Seasonality and Weather

When there is less sunlight like on a windy day in winter, the system harvests less solar energy in comparison to a sunny long day, when temperatures are mild. Remember power output of solar panel array is directly associated with the atmospheric and climatic conditions.

Smart solar systems are equipped with monitoring app eliminates the guesswork related to fluctuation in performance. The cool interface will allow you to check the existing and past output of the miniature power plant along with weather facts, environmental benefits and more.

Need of Inspection and Maintenance

Besides short winter days and cloudy conditions there are other reason that may hinder system performance. Even if the solar panels are installed perfectly, it needs maintenance just like any other appliances. A grimy glass surface or an adjacent tree shade falling on the panel arrangement or critters gnawed the wiring can be the reason of generating less output. A breaker can accidentally switch off and shut down the system.

Several monitoring app includes a status indicator feature that allows you to troubleshoot issues remotely and correct the glitch.

Evaluate Your Usage

Sometimes the solar system output may not be the culprit but your own activities as energy consumer. The reason of increase in your energy usage can be due to extra usage of AC or another TV or more usage of washer. Therefore perform self-audit of electricity usage. If you find that your energy consumption has increased consider smart ways of making your home energy efficient or add a few extra panels to your existing solar system.

Remember, a little variation in the solar panel performance all through the year is normal so relax, and take pleasure in your green energy.

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