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Up To Speed: 3 Ways To Get New-Hires Trained Faster and Easier

November 22, 2017

Whether you are creating a new position or filling a vacancy in your company, you understandably want to spend time locating the right professional for the job. After you have finally found the right individual to hire, your next priority is to get this qualified individual well-trained and up to speed as soon as possible. By walking through a few important steps, you can quickly accomplish your goals with your next new hires with minimal stress.

Create an Onboarding Program

All new hires should spend at least a few hours or even a few days walking through an onboarding program. Companies like elearning, Inc. can put together custom programs to help you showcase your company’s values, policies, and procedures consistently for each new employee. New-hires might also use this program to set up email accounts and fill out important documents. These programs can help show a new-hire the company’s culture and attitude, which can make them feel more comfortable with their new position. This may not seem like an important aspect of training, but keep in mind that building a team atmosphere is important for productivity and efficiency. The onboarding program’s length and content may vary slightly based on the position that you are hiring for.

Follow Through on Effective Training

Your new hire will also need to be effectively trained on the use of job-specific technologies and software programs. Processes, operations and more that are relevant to the position will also need to be learned. While you could ask an HR person or a direct manager to fully train this person over several days or more, you can also use online or computer-based training programs for some positions.

Assign a Mentor

Even when you walk through these important steps, a new hire may still feel lost or confused at times. Each new hire should have a mentor assigned to them. This mentor may be the person who they turn to for more instructions or clarification as needed. This may be a manager, but it may also be an employee who has been with the company for years.

Bringing new hires up to speed as soon as possible is beneficial for the new hire and for the entire company. The new hire, his or her primary co-workers and even your company’s customers and clients may grow frustrated if this person is not well-trained in a timely manner. As you prepare to bring someone new on board, follow these steps to ensure a smooth and easy process with wonderful results.

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