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Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior With These 5 Simple Steps

March 4, 2016

While many homeowners focus on maintaining a home’s interior in a fashionable and tidy manner, so many homeowners neglect the exterior of a home. The exterior of a home is your home’s ‘face’ – the front door step, driveway and garden are the first things a visitor sees when they come to your home. Dishevelled roofing, uneven paving, cracked concrete and peeling paint all create a distasteful and unattractive introduction to your home. With ‘curb appeal’ a buzz word in today’s housing market, these 5 steps are more essential than ever to revitalise and renew your home’s exterior for an effect that provides a warm and stylish welcome to match your interior.

Take Care of The Big Issues

Got a cracked and uneven driveway? Get concrete resurfacing done ASAP to sort that one out. Haven’t seen your front path in years due to overgrown plants in the front garden? It’s time to crack out the pruning shears. Many homes have obvious faults and flaws in the homes exterior that can use some instant attention to address, and don’t always cost a lot.

You may feel at a loss on where to start if you’re facing a particularly difficult makeover. Tackling the obvious issue first helps you to get a start and lets you begin to see the forest for the trees – or the path for the bushes as the case may be. Once you’ve started, other issues may become more obvious and you can them move on to them.

Give a General Makeover

Nothing obviously wrong but something not quite right either? You could be in need of a more subtle, but general makeover to tidy up around the place and get your curb appeal glowing. Giving a power wash to a home’s exterior can really help to brighten up and renew the look of the place, and sometimes just a small paint touch up on the trim can make a big difference to the overall look.

Pavers in the driveway or front path may be looking a little mossy or broken, but getting someone in to replace these or give your concrete a thorough wash or paint job can really help renew the look of your concrete without a lot of time or money spent.

The Perfect Entrance

If the front of your home is lacking the ‘pizzazz’ it deserves to get when viewed from the curb, it may be that you’re not creating the perfect entrance right. If at the front of the house, a beautifully paved driveway can really help to bring out colour or design aspects in your home that make it ‘pop’. Get your pavers replaced or consider building a new entrance path, one that sets up the entrance of your home as something spectacular.

Paying attention to the doorstep and the door is important too, as this all becomes an important part of your home. Having a nicely decorated and well-lit front doorstep can really lift the profile of your home.

A Landscape to Complement

The gardens of many homes are often let unattended, swamp the home’s exterior, or simply just look poorly designed and unattractive. If your garden just doesn’t seem to be working or is too hard to maintain, working with a landscaper can help to set up a garden that both looks great with your home and is low maintenance.

A well landscaped garden can really make a big difference to a home, particularly important if your trying to sell, as it can overhaul the home front exterior and even make your home look bigger.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Sometimes what’s really needed is a fresh coat of paint to replace old, faded and peeling paint to give your home a fresh new look. Other repairs and updates may be needed to, like replacing loose roof tiles or rusty gutters.

Noticing these details that all add up to create the exterior impression of your home can really make or break your curb appeal.

With these 5 simple steps you can gently update or completely overhaul your home’s exterior to boost curb appeal and increase value.

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