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Use of Electrotherapy in Pain Management

By alina
December 18, 2015

Pain management is one of the major branches of medical sciences that deal with treatment of various types of conditions that cause pain to the body. Most of the time, pain is treated with the help of non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, painkillers, analgesics, etc.  These methods of pain management often have some serious side effects such as digestive disorders, gastrointestinal disorders and many others. Due to this reason, many of the patients are now turning to physiotherapy for pain management and relief.

Physiotherapy is a simple and safe method of pain management and relief. The pain management is done with the help of some exercises and electrical therapies, which eventually decrease the pain to a significant level. There are several different types of electrical therapies that are used by the therapists to reduce the pain of the patients and increase the range of motion.

Electrotherapy is the method in which small electrical pulses are sent to the body, which simulate the sensory nerves and increase the blood flow to relieve pain. The method is suitable for both acute and chronic pain. The electrotherapy devices can be used alone or in combination with some other therapies such as massage or analgesic. Taking regular sessions of electrotherapy also reduces the dosage of painkiller drugs. Here are some of the electrocare physiotherapy instruments used for pain management.


TENS is a method that uses the working principle of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Simulation. In this method, very small stimuli are generated by the electrodes of the instrument, which is further used for stimulation of nerve endings through the skin. These nerve endings are responsible for sending signals to the brain. When they are stimulated, this helps in blocking the pain signals from reaching the brain. The use of this instrument gives tremendous pain relief and comfort to the patients in one or two sessions.

Interference Unit

An Interferential Unit is used for giving relief to the patients, who are in deep pain. The instrument uses two different frequencies that are designed to create pulse that has deep penetrating power. This type pulse can be used for treatment of pain that is deep inside the skin and cannot be reached through normal TENS. The Interferential Unit experiences lesser resistance of skin as compared to TENS.

Short wave therapy

The short wave therapy is the one that is used for providing heat to the inner tissues causing pain. This instrument produces very short infra red pulses that penetrate the skin and reach a deeper level and provide heat to the inflamed tendons and tissues and provides pain relief.

Ultrasound therapy

The ultra sound therapy is also used for providing concentrated heat to a particular area inside the heat. This instrument produces concentrated ultrasound waves that reach a deeper level than other heating treatments. There are several different sizes of the instrument available in the market with different capacities.

With proper use of these electrocare therapies, patients an easily get rid of their pain and that also without any side effects.

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