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Use These Tune-Ups to Make Your Car Run Like A Dream

May 26, 2021

Whether you drive a new car or one that was made before you were born, you want your vehicle to drive and last for as long as possible. Tuning up your vehicle helps maintain it and keep it running properly for longer.

Here are a few tune-up tips that can help your car perform at its best.

Read the Owner’s Manual

The manual is there for a reason, not just to gather dust. The owner’s manual has a tune-up checklist at the back of the book. Please review it and follow it to ensure that you inspect all the essential parts of your car.

Inspect Your Brakes

Get your brakes inspected at least once a year. Check for wear and make sure that all of your brake lights work on your car. If you own an older vehicle and it is time to change your brakes, consider installing an auto front disc brake conversion kit. Converting from old drum brakes to caliper and disc brakes is safer and cheaper than having to find those old drum brake replacement parts. Utilizing kits like these will make it easier for your car to remain in good shape when road conditions are less than ideal.

Get an Oil Change

The engine needs oil to operate smoothly. However, that oil needs to be changed about every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Note that there’s a big difference here in car mileage before an oil change. Older cars with old engines require more frequent oil changes around the 3,000-mile mark, and newer engines can wait until the 5,000-mile mark.

Check your owner’s manual to see which oil change frequency is best for your particular car.

Inspect the Hoses

Hoses can leak or break when they get older. So, check all of the hoses to make sure that they aren’t soft or loose. This is important an important part of keeping the engine cool and helping it perform well.

Check Fluid Levels

Every once in a while, check your coolant and transmission levels as this can affect your radiator and your transmission, or even blow your engine. Top off the fluids every 3 or 4 months, and while you’re doing it, refill your car with windshield washer fluid as well.

Check the Tires

Often tires can either be low on air or overinflated, which affects the tire’s lifespan. Plus, you’ll increase the traction of your tires if you use the proper air level.

Once your car is tuned up, you just want to give your auto insurance a quick inspection to make sure it is up to date and gives you enough coverage.

With these tips, you can prolong the life of your car and keep it in drivable condition for many years. In addition, your vehicle will be able to stay in great condition even when driving on rougher roads.

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