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Using Data To Drive Your Lead Generation Efforts

October 26, 2015

Intrigued by the idea of using data to drive your lead generation efforts? Check out these tips for purposefully gathering data linked to your website, social media pages and other marketing outlets.

Want to improve your lead generation efforts? Being tracking the data behind those efforts!

Know the Purpose of Data

According to What Does it Mean to be Data Driven in your Marketing and Lead Generation, the first step in using data is to know its purpose. Many organizations tout the collection of vast amounts of data. But few have a solid purpose behind gathering that data.

Rather than tracking every possible piece of data, determine which types of data you need to track. For example, monitoring data linked to your social media efforts can show how useful those marketing outlets are for generating leads. By first defining the purpose of data, you can then pinpoint where it should be tracked.

Track Landing Page Data

Data linked to your website’s landing pages can provide crucial information needed to improve your lead generation efforts. For example, do you currently know how many leads are visiting your landing pages, where they are visiting from, how long they’re staying on the landing pages and which actions they’re taking next?

You can quickly begin tracking the data needed to answer these and other questions. This data can then tell you what is and isn’t working well. This information, in turn, can help you evolve the content on those landing pages and more.

Monitor Conversion Rates

How many leads who visit your site make a purchase or follow through on another intended call to action? Answer this and other questions by monitoring your site’s conversation rates. Monitoring your conversions will provide a plan of action on how to generate more conversions.

Get Social Data

Track the analytics linked to your social media pages to determine who many leads are interacting with your posts, which types of posts are the most popular among leads and more. Each social media update you post should have a purpose and tracking the data behind the posts will help you define that purpose.

Use A/B Testing

An excellent way to hone your lead generation efforts is to implement an A/B testing strategy. An A/B test on your digital marketing means that you’ll test slightly altered messages on a split audience. The marketing message that achieves the highest engagement, click through rate or another tested outcome is the winner. A/B testing can be used on email messages, social media posts, website content and more. This strategy will help you define which forms of content and other marketing tactics have the biggest influence on your target market.

Take Action

The purpose behind gathering data linked to your lead generation efforts is to take action on that data. After collecting enough data to show trends related to your marketing efforts, the next step is to decide what is and isn’t working well. Hone your content, revise your landing pages, change the position of buttons on your homepage and take other actions based on what the data is telling you. Then, continue tracking the data to discover any positive trends linked to those changes.

Take the guesswork out of your lead generation efforts by tracking the data behind those efforts. From defining the purpose of data that you’d like to gather to A/B testing your lead generation efforts, there are many ways to utilize the full power of marketing data.

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