Vehicular Pollution Checks To Become Mandatory Soon

September 2, 2015

If you are a car owner in Delhi who wishes to keep using their vehicle, please comply by the new rules stipulated by the Government and make take your car for regular emission checks. This is because the Government of Delhi is in the process of launching a new system to check pollution in the Capital which if not complied with, will make it difficult for you to secure annual fitness certificate for your private vehicles.

The system will work in the following way. Close to 350 emission checking centres, all in the capital city will be linked to the vehicle database of the transport department. Once any car owner gets a Pollution Under Control (PUC) test done at any of these centres, the registration number of the vehicle will lead to information getting automatically updated in the system. When the same vehicle is brought up for the annual fitness certificate checking, this same information will be reviewed and verified.

This system has already been put into effect with great success in the city of Bengaluru and is soon to be replicated in various cities across the country. This is a positive step in controlling the alarming levels of pollution of Indian urban centres.

A senior Government official has been quoted as saying that there will be no annual fitness certificated issued to those vehicles that have not gotten this periodic test done or have failed to meet the standard for emissions. Henceforth, for any vehicle to ply on the road of the city, it is imperative to keep a check on their emission levels.

As the first step in promoting a sustainable urban transport policy that will attempt to control vehicular pollution in India, this system will first become mandatory for all commercial vehicles followed by all personal vehicles that have been around for 2 years, an official of the ministry of environment said.

This decision is a result of the joint action and thought process of the secretary of environment Ashok Lavasa and the officials of the Delhi government as a step forward to control the air pollution levels in the Capital.

Delhi’s pollution levels are alarmingly high and a big contributor towards this is vehicular emissions. The WHO has stated that Delhi is counted amongst the 1600 most polluted cities across the world. Air Toxicity in Delhi exceeds the WHO standard, as was admitted in the Parliament by Prakash Javadekar, the environment minister.

The Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, non profit organization believes that this new system, which utilizes the help of software to automatically calibrate the pollution checking machines, will be a means to end corruption and bribery in the issuing of PUC certificates by Government and Private Officials.

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