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Vintage Glass Flask and Whisky Barrel: Perfect Father’s Day Gift

June 20, 2016

Nowadays life becomes much stressful and hectic. In this materialistic age people do not find the time to rest and comfort. But one sip of whiskey or bear gets comfort and stress free life for some time. Yes there are unlimited benefits available in taking a sip of liquor.  Around 70 % of the population takes drinks as a compliment in the celebration or gathering. Here we are going to show you the best personalized gifts for the wine lovers. It will be the best gift to commemorate the fathers of this world. It is completely different and organized gift you should share with your dad. Please look at here under.

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1-Vintage Glass Flask:

If you want to make your father’s day full of energy and enthusiasm vintage glass flask is the first gift you should grab from our online shop. We have discovered a new way of storing the beverages in glass containers only. Our glass flask is a designer masterpiece available with vacuum cap. The bottom of the glass is personalized with artistic characters. It is compact enough to carry in the pocket. This sleek designed flask is crafted to make the drink lover’s mood.

2-Mini Whisky Barrel:

Designer Oak Barrel is here to spoil whiskey lover father. It is completely different barrel banded with steel. It has a capacity to fill the 2lts whisky at a time. Spigot and bung is available for smooth outgoing and filling. The instructions are given inside the gift how to cure and clean the barrel.

If you are going to question why these gifts only? Here is the answer.

Scientists have discovered a great way to store the freshness and value of flavor. A Glass container is a suitable container to keep the liquid flavor fresh for longer time. Plastic containers absorb color and odor faster. While glass containers doesn’t lose moisture and it doesn’t evaporate in the environment. Above all vintage glass flask is a suitable gift to preserve the drink’s quality. Glass has a unique quality of surviving the same taste even in the next day. Purposely our vintage glass flask is made to give a protective shield to the quality drink. Now glass jar and beer mug is also innovated to make the drinking time a quality time.

Here we also describe other Mini Whiskey Oak Barrel benefits. Before telling the benefits of Oak barrel, let us give you the benefits of drinking whiskey.

Whiskey is renowned brand consumed by around 1/4th population of this world. It is great news for the alcoholics that consuming Whiskey is not a bad habit except you make it an addiction. Whiskey provides lot of healthy benefits like it increases the immunity, treated as a medicine in a cold and flu. It has lot of anti-aging solution, cancer prevention benefits, burns extra fat from the body. And most importantly Whiskey improves the blood circulation to reduce the chances of heart stroke. But keep in mind exceeding dose of Whiskey may occur many heart and lung disease. Our heartily advice is, do not make it a habit; just take it as a medicine.

Now we will move ahead with the Whiskey preserved in Oak Barrel container. Sometimes we lose the preservatives and values of whiskey while serving in the plastic glass. Traditionally Oak wood is used for maturing the alcohol. Wood barrel is a friendly container to store the special taste and enhance the taste of alcohol. To maintain the same moral we provide the top quality Oak Barrel to maintain the pure flavor of whiskey. The sleek and stylish designed natural container is here to give the top of world gift to your dad.

Choose your dad’s favorite gift from our personalized gifts for dad category and open the doors of happiness for him.

Here we have provided important guide of why these gifts are popular and rated at the top to send a whiskey lover father. It is an ultimate gift you must grab for your father. Vintage glass flask is adorned with eye-catching personalization to express your special sentiments.

On the other side Whiskey barrel is also an irresistible gift to enjoy serving drinks in a designer container. The wooden barrel container just not preserves the values of drink but also shows your style of gift-giving.

Certainly both gifts are adorable and unique to uplift your father’s mood. So go for it and get it now from our personalized gift shop. You are always welcome to place your orders anytime and any day of the year. Father’s day is placing around, don’t be too late, catch the deal and place your orders now.

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