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Vw/Audi Emissions Scandal Goes Global, But Does It Affect You?

April 27, 2016

The VW emissions scandal recently rocked the automotive world. Car owners across the globe were shocked to find out that a trusted manufacturer had been deceiving customers for the past decade. But before you throw your VW keys in the trash, it’s important to take the time to understand what actually happened. Here’s a quick recap of the situation.

Volkswagen is a German car manufacturer that sells automobiles around the world. They also own Audi, which sells higher-end, luxury cars. Both VW and Audi are known for their diesel vehicles, which are unique as most companies focus on gasoline-powered cars. A big selling point for these diesel vehicles is how clean and fuel efficient they are. As concerns about rising gas prices increase, and greenhouse gas emissions from cars are on the rise, a cleaner, more efficient engine seems like the perfect solution for the modern car buyer.

Cars and trucks are strictly regulated by all major countries. Regulatory bodies test new vehicles for safety, fuel efficiency, and emissions of greenhouse gases and other dangerous chemicals. Fuel efficiency is tested by plugging a variety of special devices into the vehicle then turning and on and driving it in a laboratory environment. When regulatory agencies tested the VW vehicles in these situations, they passed every test. They approved the cars for sale, and endorsed the fuel efficiency numbers VW provided them with.

Unfortunately, it turns out that VW was deceiving both regulators and customers. VW’s engineers had written special code that could detect when the cars were being tested in a government laboratory. In these situations, the code in the car’s computer would direct it to reduce engine performance. The lowered performance would then reduce emissions and improve gas mileage, making it possible for the vehicle to pass the test.

However, VW’s engineers did not realize that tests could happen outside of the laboratory. A United States Environmental Protection Agency employee performed one such test, and found that VW and Audi vehicles were deceptive. This discovery led to the massive scandal.

Now that you understand what exactly happened, you can consider how it affects you. Do you own a VW or Audi vehicle? Is it a diesel engine? If not, you have nothing to worry about. But if you do have a diesel engine, contact your local VW or Audi dealer. They will fix your engine at no cost to you. You may also be eligible for financial compensation. Make sure to follow the news for important updates about VW and any settlements or litigation against them.

It’s important to remember that this is a new scandal. VW and Audi only recently began deceiving regulators, and it only involved a small number of the total vehicles they make. There are plenty of VW and Audi vehicles, both classic and modern, that are unaffected by this scandal. The company, and its products, should be judged as a whole, not on the problems created by a few employees. Don’t forget all the great things VW has done in the past. The classic VW Bug, for example, has nothing to do with this problem. Also, VW makes legendary camping vehicles. These are classic yet timeless, incredibly popular vehicles that are known across the world. One good effect of this scandal is that it may reduce prices on new and used VW vehicles. Now is a great time to buy that VW camper or other vehicle you have always wanted. For more information, check out

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