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Warehouse Maintenance That Requires Special Equiptment

September 11, 2021

Having a warehouse to store your product is essential to ensuring that you can get it delivered to your customers on time. However, beyond paying the workers to move your product, you also need to consider the maintenance needs of your facility. In some cases, there are certain maintenance tasks that may require you to rent special equipment to perform.

Lubricating Docking Doors

Your warehouse likely has a number of docks that you utilize to load and unload your products from trucks. Your staff heavily relies on those doors staying in good condition. Regular lubrication is necessary for the mechanical components of your docking doors to slide smoothly. To reach the roller tracks that these large docking doors use will likely require a lift or steady platform.

Cleaning Fans and Lights

Your warehouse likely has many overhead lights that attract dust. The same can be said for those large ceiling fans. In most cases, you will need special equiptment to reach that high. A scissor lift hire is a great way to reach up high and clean or change out your lights. Renting a scissor lift is a good idea if the cost of purchase isn’t in the budget of warehouse maintenance. It is imperative to get these fixtures properly cleaned on a regular basis. The cleaner your lights are, the brighter they will be. Making sure that dust doesn’t accumulate keeps a sanitary and clean environment.

Cleaning Ductwork and Changing Air Filters

Keeping the air quality inside of your warehouse safe comes down to the proper maintenance of your commercial HVAC system. You may need to hire a professional or rent specialized equipment to clean out all of the ductwork throughout your facility. Depending on the specific location of your HVAC system’s air filters, you may also need a lift or ladder to get access to them.

Shelf Cleaning

Shelving is an important part of any warehouse facility. However, it can require a lot of maintenance to stay in good condition. You don’t want boxes leaving your facility covered in dust and other debris. Shelf cleaning on a regular basis can help to keep the dust down in your facility and the air quality high. You’ll likely need to rent special equipment to clean your shelving, like a pressure washer.

Your warehouse is a big part of making your business successful. It’s vital to ensure that you take care of your interior components so that your staff can do their jobs with limited breakdowns. The above four tasks will require the use of specialized equipment. It’s best to make a list of the tasks that need specialized equipment and how often they need to be done. This way, when you rent a piece of equipment, you can complete as many maintenance tasks as possible.

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