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Warm Up Your Home With These Perfect Spring Trends

February 23, 2016

As the frost of winter melts, the shining lights and decorations of the holiday season fade away, and the first breezes of spring appear, it’s time for a change indoors as well. It’s no mistake that ‘spring cleaning’ is a popular exercise, as we feel the need for freshness and a new start as the colder seasons start to thaw and warmer weather is ushered in. Many people recruit the expert services of a professional to bring new life into their home, such as a contemporary home decorator. Toronto, to California, to Florida, no matter where you are the weather is warming by degrees and signifying change and new life.

But what are the ideal trends for homes, both indoor and out this spring season? Here we look at some of the top trends we can’t get enough of, that you will love incorporating into your space.

Bolder Colors

Spring is a time when bright colors burst forth from flowers and plants that may have lay dormant over winter, and in 2016 the trends point to the same happening in your home. While sleek, polished white, grey or black may be the norm in many homes, this spring the trends are opening up to a greater array of stunning and inviting colors in bold hues, from red to orange, blue, green and pink.

From the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen there’s no place these colors are off limits this season. Even black is being welcomed as the preferred hue for stainless steel appliances in the kitchen this spring, over its polished metal counterparts.

Mismatched Designs

The bolder colors introduced this season shouldn’t be uniform either. According to Houzz the style this spring is for mismatched and creative designs, not just uniform blocks of sleek and plain styling. This is a season where rummaging through recycled cabinets and homewares and visiting your local thrift store for repurpose ideas is the ideal solution for redecorating your home.

Prepare to let your creativity go wild with repurposed antiques, mismatched cabinets and fitting and bright colors melding together in a happy, diversified design.

Eclectic Vibe

If you hadn’t guessed already from the styles described with the bold colors and mismatched fittings, the vibe this spring is eclectic – creative, bohemian and unique, with no two spaces looking the same. It’s the perfect opportunity to get some hands on decorating done, and a great time to work with an experience interior decorator to find the exact right mix of eclectic style that’s perfect for you.

The beauty with adding an eclectic touch to your home is that you can go as subtle or as bold as you want, adding interest and style to your space, as well as adding a touch of your own flair and personality.

Statement Mirror

Statement mirrors have been in entranceways for a while now, but this season sees the statement mirror make it’s home in other rooms of the house too, especially the bathroom. While any old mirror or vanity will get the job done, a statement mirror really adds a totally different atmosphere to a space and can set the tone for your whole style.

Place a statement mirror in the bathroom over the sink in place of your usual vanity for an added touch of style in the oft neglected bathroom space. A statement mirror in the bedroom too never goes astray.


While the beginning of spring might happily signify a time of rest for your fireplace if you use it, there’s no need to let that unused space go to waste. Unused fireplaces are once again becoming the focal point of the room this spring, adding a touch of charisma and romanticism to a room. Fill your fireplace with dried flowers or rustic antique tools or artwork to beautify the space or simply leave it au natural for a touch of classic charm.

With these spring trends for 2016 you will warm up your heart and bring life to your home with the innovative, eclectic and creative style popular this season.

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