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Ways Wine Makes You Healthier and More Beautiful

September 28, 2015

There is a 1-2-3 rule when it comes to drinking wine. The rule suggests that you should not drink more than one drink a day. The two stands for – no more than two at a time, and the three is for – no more than three days a week. This is what is accepted as moderate wine consumption. You may or may not agree on these numbers, but what you have to agree is that wine has many beneficial effects on your health and your beauty. Here are the ways you can use wine to be healthier and more beautiful.

Helping Your Heart

By taking good care of your blood vessels, wine helps your heart staying healthy. In order for this to work, you will need a glass of red wine a day. For women, no more and no less than that. Men can have an extra glass of wine on some occasions. Wine contains polyphenols. These are antioxidants that take care of the lining of the blood vessels in the heart muscle. It makes them stronger and more durable. (Mayo Clinic, April, 2014).

Fighting Cholesterol

The same amount of one glass a day for the ladies and up to two glasses a day for the gents is what the doctor orders for fighting the bad cholesterol levels. Resveratrol is the substance that is found in the red wine. This substance is said to cause the ‘bad’ cholesterol levels to drop. This is something that Ph.D Jane Higdon from the Oregon University studied.

Reducing Stress

Even if there is no significant and scientific proof that a glass of wine, red or white, reduces stress, the subjective feeling that you have once you take a sip tells you differently. It is all about the whole thing with the nice glass, a carefully picked out bottle and the amazing taste on your palate. If you make a collection of nice bottles or make sure that you stop by some cool bottle shops that are open late on your way home from work, you will definitely wash away the work stress with a nice glass of wine.

Doing Wonders for Your Dry Skin

While the wine works from the inside to make you healthier, it also works wonders for your skin. To make this happen and to fix your dry skin, you need to make a mask out of the red wine, honey and Aloe Vera gel. Mix in a half of the tablespoon of the gel with an entire spoon of honey. Honey itself is perfect for your skin. Once they are well blended together, add three spoons of red wine slowly, while stirring the mixture. Once it is all homogenous, apply it on your face and neck and keep it there for 10 minutes. Rinse it with mild water and apply your regular cream.

Health, beauty and excellent mood are all hidden in a glass of wine. However, all these positive effects start to be diminished and even reversed after that third glass. Developing a bad habit of drinking more than the recommended two glasses is a danger that is best avoided.

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