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Ways You Can Start Recycling In Your Demolition Business

November 10, 2021

Recycling is quickly becoming a huge market in the construction and demolition industry. Each demolition opportunity often creates piles of quality material and debris that can be utilized to better help the environment and the company save money. Here are some tips to start implementing essential recycling standards as a demolition business.

Make a Plan

Waiting until the day of the demolition can make it hard to effectively put a recycling plan in action. Instead of waiting, make an organized list of what materials are going to be dismantled and tossed and what can be reused in other future projects. Rather than throwing all extra materials into the landfill pile, take time to know what can be recycled or reused. This process may take longer but will ultimately prove to be beneficial to the company and to the environment. Rather than tossing away intact light fixtures or solid lumber, they can instead be used to save costs on a new project and won’t unnecessarily end up in a landfill.

Be Aware of What Can Be Recycled

While separating materials into reuse and recycle piles, have an idea of what can be helpfully recycled. Demolition sites often have an abundance of wood, concrete, drywall, yard waste, metal and other materials that can be sorted and evaluated to determine where they can best be recycled. Sorting can occur on or off the job site depending on available containers and if the demolition company wants to involve another facility in the process. On-site recycling is the best option for those who want to have as much of the loose debris and materials recycled as possible. This process allows the demolition business to have more control and a more thorough plan in place.

Know Local Recycling Standards

While assembling piles and materials to be recycled, make sure to be aware of local standards and regulations that can affect total allowed weight and what materials they take. Contacting recycling facilities and asking brief questions about their weight and material standards will help smooth the process in the future when delivering the loads. Being as thorough as possible in the planning process allows for members of the crew to quickly and easily follow newly implemented recycling practices.

Every demolition business can benefit from using recycling standards to better save money and reuse quality materials. Go to a website about recycling information to find equipment and steps for recycling in your business. 

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