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Website Pr And Marketing Tips

April 23, 2016

The most important thing about promoting an online business and hence gaining media attention for a website , is to make sure the site follows these rules:

  1. Functionality- does it work right and is it easy to navigate
  2. Does it look right – the public tend to like things that feel similar hence make sure your site fits the market.
  3. Is the ‘back end’ google search engine friendly- use an expert to help with this otherwise no one will find you.
  4. Does your site do what it says on the ‘tin’- outside of encouraging traffic to help your google rankings , you need sales. You can have as many people in the world turning up to your site but if you are selling oranges and people arrive looking for apples , you will sell nothing, so make it relevant.
  5. Content is king when you are a service site, don’t worry about getting your personality across in your site , is very passionate , very informative and full of content. Don’t fear long narratives, if people care they will read it.
  6. When promoting a site the guys at look for the hooks, these can most readily come across in the blogs on the site as these should change atleast weekly and hence can be headline grabbing.
  7. If you have a decent budget the think of getting a celebrity in your relevant niche area to come on board for a launch , the public and media love celebrities.
  8. Get stuck into social networking, work hard on building links and bonds with like- minded people.
  9. Think of creative ideas to ignite the media.
  10. Once you have some sales think of bringing in a promotional pr team to help you grow as no one becomes successful without a coherent comms strategy.

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