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Welcome Aboard: Tips To Streamline Your Hiring Process

October 20, 2015

As the manager of your company, you’re involved in the hiring process and you want to bring the best people in so they can help your business grow and thrive. Unfortunately it can seem like hiring takes up so much of your time that you can’t get anything else done! Here are some tips to help streamline the hiring process.

Write a Stellar Job Description

Education, experience, behavior, job-specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes all matter when it comes to filling a job. If you feel like you aren’t getting the right applicants, it’s time to re-evaluate the job posting. When someone looks for a job, they can’t take too much time looking at each posting. They rely on job search filters to weed out things they aren’t ready for. So first, make sure your descriptions have buzz words that a potential employee will look for.

Next, clearly describe the facets above you’re looking for (education, experience, skills, etc.) A well-written job description can filter out dozens of applicants before you even come in contact with them. To this end, it’s best to get the input of the person who holds the job currently. They will know more about the nitty-gritty details of the job and help you write a specific job description.

Use Checks and Balances

As much as companies hate to admit it, a large factor in hiring decisions is personality. Out of two candidates with equal specs, the person who engages an interviewer more is likely to land the job. Because of this, sometimes it’s hard to separate your personal preferences in a colleague and what the job actually requires. You may like someone enough to want to hang out with them, but will they really be the best fit for the job?

To avoid this situation, bring others into the hiring process. Ask someone above you to complete a follow-up interview without you in the room. Have colleagues call past employers for references. The more opinions you can get about candidates, the better your decision will be. You’ll avoid hiring the wrong people, which will only lengthen the hiring process.

Outsource Hiring

Maybe your company is too over-worked or small right now to handle all hiring in-house. After all, isn’t that why you’re hiring? Take the hiring hassle off your plate and give it to a third-party company. When you outsource hiring, you don’t have to worry about screening tests, interviews, or post-hire paperwork. This is a great option for start-up businesses with owners who don’t know much about HR. While you’re at it, these HR companies like Check Stub Maker often offer payroll services and mediation services. Outsource as much as possible, and you’ll have more time to think about the kinds of employees you’d like to hire.

Use the tips above to spend less time hiring the amazing and qualified people you actually want in your company.

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