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What Are The Best Value Ways To Promote Your Business?

May 9, 2016

Promoting your business is essential for raising your company profile, getting your business seen and known and improving sales and growth. However, it’s difficult to know exactly how to best promote your business and what approaches give you the greatest value for what you invest in them. Productivity is optimizing what you get out from your business approach from what you put in. Here we’ve culminated the top 4 ways we’ve found to promote your business while getting the best bang for your marketing buck.

Promotional Gifts

While it might seem unexpected, using promotional gifts and branded products are one of the best and most cost effective ways to promote your business. The use of promotional products increases brand recognition, establishes trust in your company and improves your business popularity among your clients. Promotional gifts produce instant recall and brand familiarity, being popular with receivers and encouraging clients to do business with you.

The value of promotional products lies in their value for money. The relatively low cost of the promotional products, coupled with the great degree of exposure the products get gives them a cost per impression (CPI) at as little as $0.004. Promotional t shirts, promotional pens, caps and bags, are among the most popular choices of promotional products.

Go Local

If you are a local business, you can get the best value for your marketing dollar by targeting local sources of advertising. Local papers generally cost less to advertise in than large state or nationwide papers, and there’s a greater likelihood that your target market will be reading those papers. You can also use other local media to your advantage such as local phone books, local directories, local advertisements, community centers and schools, where advertising will cost you much less and could yield excellent results.

Want to score community credit as well as promote your business? Why not sponsor a sports team, school group or community organization in exchange for advertising space in their newsletters or other publications? It’s a great way to get advertising space as well as doing something good for the community.

Get a Great Website

In this digital era, you simply can’t afford to underestimate the impact that your website has on your business and your customers. A good website draws customers in organically, helps them trust your company, creates interest in your product or service and ultimately results in more profits and business growth for you. A great website provides an option for your customers to ‘sign up’ or ‘opt in’ which provides you with a valuable resource of hot prospects and leads.

A good website is also optimized for search engines so that your customers can find your business more quickly and easily. All these factors contribute to making your website a tool to sell your products and promote your business, without costing you a lot of extra money.

Get Social

Along with a great website, a presence on social media is another essential tool for optimising the promotional value that you get by being a business online. Social media pages on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube give your customers more ways to see and get to know your business. When you share your website link or blog entries to your social media pages, all your followers will instantly see that information, giving you instant promotion.

There’s also usually almost no cost for all social media pages, excluding paid advertising of course, apart from the time spent managing and updating the pages, and keeping your content optimised. The success of this plan relies on having excellent quality content to share on social media and one your website – something that will continue to interest and appeal to your target market. Because of the low cost and great reach, social media is one of the best value ways to promote your business and bring more customers to you.

With these 4 high value and low cost approaches you can get more impact from your marketing dollar and take your business further than ever before.

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