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What Are The Specialties Of A Daikin Air Conditioner?

April 22, 2016

Daikin has been around since 1924. It has the presence in over 100 countries, with production bases in over 60. The fact that the company has survived so long should indicate that it is doing something right. There are a lot of other air conditioner brands in the market, and yet, Daikin is the world leader in market share. As far as the trustworthiness and reputation of this brand goes, you will get the ultimate cooling experience if you install the Daikin air conditioners. 

Benefits of Daikin Air Conditioner

  1. Innovative inverter technology

Daikin air conditioners run on inverter technology, which ensures that the systems always run at the required capacity. They are intelligent systems that deliver the right amount of cooling or heating. Inverter technology also ensures that the start-up time of the unit is reduced to one-third, which in turn, reduces energy consumption.

In addition to that, the technology also ensures that the compressor does not go through the usual cyclical operation. In fact there are a host of inverter ACs and non-inverter ACs that have been launched by this Japanese company. The heat load that is present in any room, changes as per night, days and climatic variations, and the Daikin air conditioning systems are the best to lower the temperature of your room in these cases. 

  1. Super efficient heat pumps

Heat pumps are units that can cool as well as heat your home.

  • Daikin heat pumps are super efficient, with the ability to heat your home effectively, even at -4 degree Fahrenheit.
  • In addition to that, Daikin systems come with refrigerant control. Refrigerant in an air conditioner is responsible for taking heat from the unit in your room to the condensing unit that is installed outside.
  • With efficient, controlled refrigerant, Daikin air conditioners are really efficient at taking away heat from a place.
  1. It uses environment-friendly refrigerant

Daikin is the only brand out there that manufactures its own units as well as refrigerants. Up until recently, R 32 refrigerants were only used in commercial spaces. However, Daikin has recently launched residential units with this environment-friendly refrigerant. Apart from being more eco-friendly, the refrigerant can cut down your electricity bills by as much as 10%, compared to units that use other types of refrigerants such as R-22.

  1. It has been pioneering new advancements

Daikin has always pioneered advancements in the field of air conditioning technology. It was the first company to come up with multi-split type air conditioners, called VRV.

  • Up until then, central air conditioning was the only answer to keep commercial establishments cool. Central air conditioning also meant that rooms that did not require any cooling were cooled. That was wastage of energy.
  • With multi split-type air conditioners invented by Daikin, it is possible to have zoned cooling in large buildings. It is such innovations that have made Daikin air conditioners so trusted in performance.

How to care for your Daikin Air Conditioner?

While a Daikin air conditioner delivers superior performance, regular maintenance of it is imperative to ensure you enjoy the continued superior performance. Here are some tips for maintenance for your Daikin unit.

  1. Get it inspected regularly for possible faults, or even just for cleaning purposes. Make sure you commission a Daikin authorized dealer for the job. Your neighborhood air conditioning guy probably won’t be doing a very good job.
  1. It is important that you get your Daikin unit cleaned after the end of every season. When it is not in operation, it is important to cover the internal and the external units with a cloth, to make sure no dust or debris settles on it. For cleaning purposes too, taking the help of a professional is recommended.

You can get the Daikin air conditioners installed by professionals, so you can get all these benefits.

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