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What Family Lawyers Do

May 9, 2016

Hiring a lawyer for criminal defence is usually pretty straightforward; you know you need a lawyer when you’re accused of a crime. Often, this accusation precedes an arrest. You know that you need a lawyer once you enter the criminal legal system. However, it might be harder to determine if you need a lawyer in other cases. When it comes to family lawyers, you might wonder if you actually need one. Once you know what they do, you can make a better assessment. Family lawyers cover pretty much everything there is to being a family. They cover the time before the marriage, the wedding, any children, and, if necessary, divorces. Here is how they work.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Weddings in the 21st century can be incredibly complex and challenging. Because of that, some people like to sign pre-nuptial agreements that define the terms of the marriage and what happens if one party wants to dissolve the marriage. Pre-nuptial agreements have a stigma; they’re regarded as something that only incredibly wealthy people get or something that means you don’t actually love your potential spouse. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. A prenuptial agreement shows that you and your spouse are deciding to be adult about the situation and consider all possibilities. You cannot accurately predict how you’ll feel ten or twenty years into the future.

Civil Partnerships

If you and your partner decide that you don’t want to get married, you can still bind yourselves legally. Civil partnerships are legal arrangements that have differing levels of responsibility for each party. Since they differ in their attachment, you would need to consult with a family lawyer on how you want your civil partnership arranged. You need someone who is in your area as well, because the legal precedents change from county to county. You need someone who practices family law in London.


If your relationship produces children or if you enter into your relationship with children, you are facing some complicated legal territory. Children make just about every situation in a relationship more difficult from a legal standpoint. You have to account for the kids in every decision you make. If you’re bringing children from a past relationship into the present relationship, you might want your new partner to have guardian privileges. You’ll need a family lawyer to help you figure out how to give your new partner guardianship rights.

If you are getting divorced, you’ll need a family lawyer to help you figure out what rights you have and which you don’t. Family lawyers can help you negotiate for custody. They can also file injunctions that prevent the children’s other parent from taking them out of the country or moving them far away. You have a number of rights when it comes to your kids; you just need an attorney to help you exercise them.

Family law is one of the most complex and difficult areas of law; it is fraught with emotion and complicated situations. That’s why it’s so important for you to hire a lawyer. An attorney can help you understand what you’re entitled to legally.

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