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What Is The Best Way To Display Ongoing Deals At Your Brick And Mortar?

December 9, 2021

If you have a brick-and-mortar location for your business, you know the many challenges you face in today’s world to keep customers walking through your doors. Of course, one of the best ways to do so is by offering them great deals on your products. However, even if you have excellent prices and the greatest products, displaying these in the wrong manner can result in far fewer sales than you anticipated. To let your customers know about the ongoing deals at your brick and mortar, use these tips for your displays.

Emphasize a Theme

While you may have ongoing deals on certain products, that doesn’t mean you don’t have additional products your customers may need when they make their purchase. Therefore, emphasize a theme for your display, and make sure it includes plenty of add-on products that customers will likely need to buy.

Use Accent Lighting

If you have a large window in your storefront that you use for sales displays, adding accent lighting will be a very effective way to display your ongoing deals. Since lighting will always attract customers to a display, using accent lighting is sure to make your products seem even more important to potential buyers.

Bright Colors Attract Attention

Along with accent lighting, using bright colors in your displays of ongoing deals is a great way to get people’s attention. In addition to your regular customers, you will also have new folks coming into your store. The colors don’t have to be neon to appear bright. Sometimes using contrasting colors or outlining the colors in black or white can make them pop more and gain attraction from passer-bys.

Display it Where Customers Look

One of the best ways to display ongoing deals to your customers is by placing a display or sign where your customer is looking. For example, many brick and Mortar businesses find success displaying deals in a plastic display sign next to the cash register. You can source the plastic displays in different sizes and shapes. Plastic Displays and Fixtures Co. Inc., for example, provides a number of display sizes so you can find the one that will get more attention and look the best on your counter.

Keep Your Message Simple

In trying to get the attention of customers, some retailers make the mistake of having a message that is long and confusing. To avoid this, always keep your messaging as simple as possible regarding your ongoing deals. To know if you are accomplishing this, use what is known as the “blink test.” Once you get your display set up, have friends or family members take a quick look at it. If they know exactly what you are trying to convey within less than 10 seconds, your display is good to go.

Despite the challenges, many brick-and-mortar businesses face today, the fact is customers still love the traditional shopping experience. To ensure your customers know of the great ongoing deals at your business, implement some or all of the tips mentioned here. Once you do, your sales and profits will soar.

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