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What Is Timber Veneer and Is It Prepared?

September 3, 2015

In order to describe timber veneer in the simplest manner, it is a slice of wood that is generally very thin and less than 3 mm. This thin slice of wood is glued to wooden surface, particular board or into any necessary medium. It is done in order to get a flat panel that could be used for doors, panels, tops for the cabinets, for specially designed furniture, parquet floors. Veneer is a part of plywood, it is mainly used for wood veneer for a decorative outlook.

Timber veneer is obtained from peeling a trunk of the tree or from the flitch. Flitch is rectangular block of large slicing piece of woods. For making this veneer, there are 3 main types:

  • Rotary lathe- In this process, the wood is simply turned against sharp blade for continuous peeling that gradually shapes it. These woods are mainly used as plywood.
  • Crow cut- This type of slice of woods when processed and after shredding it in the blades, pieces of woods that comes out as the final product is the swan pieces that are cut exactly in the growth ring regions.
  • Half round lathe- This slice woods are obtained when the logs are turned or moved in a way that exposes most of grains part.

Although, every slicing is different for the piece of woods, to get distinctive grains, a wide variety of tree woods could be used. 

The Various forms of Timber Veneer:

  • Raw veneer
  • Paper backed
  • Phenolic backed
  • Layup veneer
  • Reconstituted veneer
  • 2-ply wood product

What are the Advantages of using the Timber Veneer?

The most interesting feature of timber veneer is that no two timber veneer product is similar, so the natural variation provides unique characteristic. A design that originates from the Mother Nature cannot be achieved by manmade alternative designs. You can use wide range of species, timber color and grain texture. Usually, the final finished product looks similar to that of solid timber. Timber veneer is gentle, and even when you torch it, it will give you natural warmth that creates a great ambient for your project or for your office decorations, where it can be easily used.

Timber veneer furniture is considered to be a premium decorative furniture product that can be used for any purpose and in any room, provided that you develop furniture depended on the room size and where you plan to put it. Modern material is used to give the veneer products a prestigious and versatile appearance. 

The Ecological Characteristic of Timber Veneer:

Timber veneer is absolutely recyclable and renewable, that increases the chance of using this material for most furniture purpose. With the current concern of energy consumption, greenhouse gasses, various pollution, timber veneer is surely a best choice.

Veneer products are sustainable, once bought, timber veneer furniture lasts for a long period of time. Veneer is also free from any kind of toxic store of carbon and this ensures and encourages the use of timber veneer products. 

While Buying Timber Veneer Products

If you don’t have a lot of experience and knowledge about timber veneer products or its wide variety, you should do a good research before choosing or buying it for your home or office purpose. Here are some basic technical tips that will prove helpful for you. If you want to best one then go here for the products with fine finishing touch and outlook. The need to inspect the wooden material intensely helps to eliminate the chance of ending up being a looser. As per the need and requirement, coating factor should be checked.

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