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What makes Rainwater Harvesting System Important for Today’s Time?

By Jessi
August 28, 2015

Resources are limited and users are increasing continuously. The water levels are depleting continuously and people are finding ways to overcome the water scarcity. In order to get the water table up and save on unnecessary expenses incurred on treating the water, the idea of rain water harvesting have been developed. This idea may not be new to human civilization as rain water harvesting is used in India, Iran, and Pakistan since 3rd Century BC. They used to build the tanks, lakes, and wells to store the rain water for the entire year. The time has changed and the modern day rainwater harvesting system is much different and automated.

The new age rainwater harvesting system has many components like pumps, pressure vessels, and filters. The standard rainwater harvesting system would operate in following pattern;

  • Rainwater is caught for further harvesting process with the help of water catchment area.
  • The water caught in water catchment area is then transferred to the storage tank with the help of channels.
  • The water then passes through the filters where any foreign particles present in the water are filtered before carrying the water to the storage tank.
  • If at the time of taking the water from catchment to storage tank, pressure is required then pressure vessels and pumps are used to apply this pressure.
  • The water after undergoing filtration is pumped to the storage tank where it stays until it is transferred to the place of consumption through well-organized piping system.
  • This is the typical flow chart of any rainwater harvesting system but if the harvested water needs to be further used for drinking then it should be treated with some chemicals before being transferred for consumption.

Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting System

  • Saves Water – The water that would actually be wasted would be stored for further use. The stored rainwater can be used for gardening, washing, and even for drinking if treated well. This will reduce the excess use of underground water and hence keep the water table up.
  • Protects Environment – When the water from other sources is used for household consumption, proper treatment needs to be carried out. These treatment plants may release harmful gases in the environment. Rainwater requires comparatively milder treatment and it can be even be used directly without treatment if the purpose is other than drinking. Hence, environment is not much polluted while using the rainwater.
  • Prevention of Flood – When the excess rainwater is harvested for future use, the low lying areas are protected against flood. This will save many low lying areas from damage and natural disaster.
  • Saves Money – Water may be free but the entire cycle of water treatment to water supply costs a lot but if you have your own rainwater harvesting system at home then you can save lot of money.

Get your rainwater harvesting system installed by the professional agency or plumber to get maximum results. The money spent on this system would be recovered very soon as money saving is its benefit too.

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