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What Should You Do If A Public Transit Vehicle Caused Your Auto Accident?

December 8, 2021

Auto accidents still occur despite the enhanced security features of newer vehicles. Most of these happen between passenger vehicles or cars. Some times an auto accident will involve a commercial vehicle, like a semi. A smaller percentage takes place between cars and public transit vehicles. If you find yourself in this scenario, here are the steps to take.

Stay Where You Are

If you’re not seriously injured and your vehicle isn’t in danger of catching fire, stay where you are. Though the public transportation driver probably contacted 911 through their dispatch center, it’s best to do so as well. Don’t get out until a first responder arrives to assist.

Take Stock of Your Injuries

Never leave the scene of an accident without taking stock of your injuries. It may not seem like you’re hurt. However, the impact of a public bus or train against a passenger car could cause underlying issues.

If the police or fire department asks you to go to the ER, then don’t decline. Let them do a workup to see if there are any issues like internal bleeding or a concussion. Then, follow-up with your primary care provider as well.

Maintain All Records

From the police report to medical diagnoses, don’t throw out any paperwork you receive. Keep a physical file of material and one on the computer for digital material. Include bills for towing and prescriptions.

Of all these documents are critical. If the police don’t provide you with a copy of their report, reach out to the department to find the best way to get it. You may need to speak with your insurance agency if you get pushback from the police.

Seek Legal Assistance

An accident between a car and public transportation has different ramifications than one between two passenger vehicles. Since these are owned or subsidized by local or state governments there’s an added layer of complication to obtain compensation. This is where an auto accident lawyer steps in.

This type of attorney collects all of the data you’ve saved and presents a case to the legal team that represents the public transit firm. They have the power to come to a respectable level of compensation for current damages as well as future therapy or medicine for your injuries. Without an auto accident lawyer, you run a great risk of losing your case. You can find a lawyer in your area, like those at The Radmore Law Firm.

In the end, try to stay calm if hit by a public transportation vehicle. Gather what information you can and turn it over to a legal team that specializes in auto accidents.

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